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    Just got some extra cards, would like to trade


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    Just got some extra cards, would like to trade

    Post by Riversong on Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:46 am

    I just got a bunch of Beyond the Doors/M'arrillian Invasion boosters, so now I'm looking to trade the extra cards. With the exception of two or three cards, all of them are fresh out of the booster pack and have a very slight curve (probably from years of storage). I've tried to list as many useful details as I could come up with, but I'd be happy to answer questions if you have any.

    At this point I'm mostly just looking for trade offers, but my "priority" cards are the Storm Tunnel, the Lava Pond, and the Kha'rall Husk Armor.

    Kreaal [with foil]
    Owayki [with foil]
    Owayki [without foil] (max. Energy)
    Ikkatosh - Guardian of Nature [with foil] (max. Energy, Wisdom)
    Ikkatosh - Guardian of Nature [with foil] (max. Wisdom)
    Imaginary Walls [with foil]
    Outsmart [with foil]
    Ice Disks [with foil]
    Liquescent Swirl [Silent Sands]
    Rot Cloud [Silent Sands]

    Gambreor (max. Energy, Wisdom)
    Ragetrod (max. Energy)
    Dakkamal - Melee Trainer (x2)
    Wrenges (max. Courage, Wisdom)
    Wrenges (max. Wisdom)
    Phobia Tabard
    The Pit Token
    Draining Dirge (x2)
    Intense Polyphony
    Melody of Miracles (x3)
    Prelude to Dominance (x2)
    The Pits (x2)
    Broken Edge
    The OverWorld Library (x2)
    The Hive Gallery (x3)
    Dry Liquid
    Daunting Bravery
    Poison Sphere (x2)

    Rebant (max. Courage)
    Asadab (max. Power)
    Asadab (max. Wisdom, Speed)
    Kraade (max. Speed)
    Kraade (max. Courage)
    Wistanne (max. Courage)
    Wistanne (max. Courage)
    Wistanne (max. Energy, Courage)
    Sirri (max. Courage)
    Sirri (max. Energy, Wisdom)
    Accato (max. Energy)
    Lystone (max. Energy)
    Prism of Mindlessness (x2)
    Prism of Fright
    Aspect Amplifier: Bravery
    Aspect Amplifier: Might (x2)
    Aspect Amplifier: Wit (x4)
    Aspect Amplifier: Agility
    Symphony of Similarity
    Selective Strain (x2)
    Empowering Serenade (x2)
    Effervescent Etude (x3)
    Etude of Exhaustion
    Specific Diminishing (x3)
    Surprising Riffs
    Chamber of Waves
    Psikoom Madness Chamber
    Hall of Fatigue (x2)
    Deluge of Doom
    Heat Rage
    Torrent of Water
    Radical Ice b@lls
    Mindsink (x2)
    Confusion (x2)
    Perplexing Heat

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