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    Lobanne and element proof


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    Lobanne and element proof

    Post by saurusblood on Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:30 pm

    So Lobanne was one of the first cards I ever built a deck around (the Lobanne's earth shield being the original I made back when the show was still on the air.)

    I had cards like stronghold Morn that just felt like it was a perfect match for him along with song of resilience.

    So I guess I am throwing him in her to those who are more experienced with the game then me. Is Lobanne a good card? Is a deck based around (element) proof even viable? Is there a better way to build a deck around Lobanne?

    I also feel that I have a bit of a bias towards the pudgy mandiblor since he was one of the first cards that I have ever felt the need to build a deck around.
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    Re: Lobanne and element proof

    Post by lazerbem on Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:38 pm

    Element proof is best for counterpicking. If you're going to pick something to be resistant to, might as well pick water since three tribes use it liberally

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    Re: Lobanne and element proof

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:53 pm

    i've seen karabra in a lot of decks and I would say lobanne is equal or better in many ways

    I'll start with the simlaritys being able to gain/heal 10 energy per mugic counter actually adds up pretty quick between cards like flutes, dibanni, nainna, chimegrid ect. you can easily have be gain/healing 50 on you first turn 40 on the secound all for only 1 mugic counter each time. the cons of both karabra and lobane are clear they can only use there effects once per turn which keeps them in check and also you need mugic counters on them when you actitive so you can't spend those on mugic right away or you abiltys will be weakened it takes but with the right techinic they both can work wonders

    but now for the diffrence between lobane and karabra there's really only 3 things that matter in my opinion

    1. lobane is a danain and karabra is an overworlder which means they can cast diffrent mugic with there counters and be part of diffrent teams.
    2. karabra heals while elementalproof is strictly gain so decks with lower energy creatures may find lobanne more useful or when fighting decks that go for alot of damage at one time like burn or strike decks lobanne will make full use of say, a gain 50 and karabra's heal 50 might not all be useful in some cases
    3. the nature of elementalproof limits when it can be used ovbiusly only on creatues with 1 element but tbh I'd say 95 percent of creatures people use in battle will have at least one element on them. The other thing about elementproof is it needs to be used at the start of combat so that's a bit of a limit

    so yeah I'd say lobanne has alot of potental especially if you need a gain version or danian version off karabra this is your bug

    if OW is better for your deck and you have enough energy to work with heal I'd say karabra is your man

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    Re: Lobanne and element proof

    Post by CSpacian on Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:16 pm

    Is this the return of the Army Building Competition!?
    As lazerbeam stated it is more common to use Elementproof for counter teaming, but there are some other ways to use it. Anti-Water is very common due to the M'arrillians having it so a bunch of cool Anti-Water cards came out to stop them.
    Another way to utilize such tricks is with Unda as thusly.

    1 2 3
    4 5

    1. Xaerv, Monsoon Defender w/Armbands of Lore
    2. Tarbok w/Xerium Armor
    3. Grantkae w/Destructazooka
    4. Unda w/Mugician's Balladeer's Flute
    5. Bladez w/Bronzeflight
    6. Lobanne w/Weightless Energy Vessel
    A basic design.
    The idea is to spread Waterproof around your Creatures and then use Unda's ability to give Creatures water in order to grab massive energy boosts. Tarbok effectively has...50+15+25 during your turn to get up to 90 Energy with Xerium Armor that's five attacks. Xaerv is in a similar boat with 50 + 10 + 25 + 5 for 90 as well. Bladez is just a back-up (I wanted an Underworlder with Fire, Air, and high Courage and surprisingly Bladez is one of the few Creatures that fit that bill.) Grantkae is good for gaining
    During your turn all of your Creatures are a lot stronger thanks to Grantkae with Elementproof Water 25, Intimidate Energy 10, and 25 to all Disciplines.
    Unda's job is just to distribute Water to your opponents she only has three Mugicians to do so which is why you have Harmonics of Water/Hymn of Elements as your Mugic, giving you 6 chances, hopefully enough to flip The Garden or Stronghold Morn. As stated previously during your turn your Creatures have insane Waterproof of about 35-40.

    2x Harmonics of Water
    Gear Glissando
    Hymn of Elements
    2x Cadence Clash

    2x The Garden
    2x Magma Dam
    Rao'ppa Sahkk Chimegrid
    Sands of the Unseen
    Storm Tunnel
    Royal Mipedian Academy of Melee Arts
    Stronghold Morn

    2xShadow Strike
    2x Fire Ring
    2x Flying Advantage
    2x Flame Breach
    2x Consuming Flames
    Primal Smash
    2x Primordial Rage
    2x Fearocity
    2x Whirlwind Scythes
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    Re: Lobanne and element proof

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