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    Gone for a while


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    Gone for a while  Empty Gone for a while

    Post by thiagovs on Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:18 pm

    Hi guys , i was gone for a WHILLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE while i was making my second graduation and mastery degree ( yup, at the very same time . DON'T DO IT , it's a pain bigger than "Theon Greyjoy in a Stripper pub" ! ) So , how everything is going ?
    I currently finishing my major in Economics , and i could help in some Market area.
    well , i'm kinda working on TCG secondary market , more specifically in Cardfight Vanguard actual Hype-Based/ ARG-Based high prices x new players trying to join the community . WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY better to help than my 1st Major , Neuroscience ( Science , here in Brazil , HAHAHAHAHAAH , what i was thinking ... ) .
    But actually i can help a lot in market analysis, pricing , and propaganda .

    1st of all , in order to actually bring our cherish game back , we must need a market analysis . " What is that ? " It's the act to compare our product inside and outside target public . How costumers will react , and how is the possibility that our product will remain competitive through a couple of years ( or decades , don't know , if we get a full Wizard and make our own Chaotic "The Gathering " ) .

    So , if Chaotic started today , pristine ( as the way it left . If we do not add or take nothing from it ) , how you guys think of the scenario it would fit ?
    A- It will quickly sells , but after a couple of trimesters , when Hype has passed , sales would calm down and we face a durable community of 500 players , 550, 650 and goes on .

    B- Will sell out on 1st week . But after one trimester , sales will be lower than expected .

    C- Sales will be Low at the moment we start .

    The Answer is B .
    But why ?

    Simple , if we make a quick analysis , we will find that currently are way more world famous card games than in 2008-2010 . People only in NA will be driven by Hype , but outside , who else will ? Chaotic is largely famous inside USA's 50 states . But forgotten over the years in other countries ( for 1 and a half years i was one of 10 Brazilian players in Chaotic , in mid 2010 , we'd more than 200 [ the show went famous here by that time ] buying products , and at least 600 playing online only ) . We will need to make it through by in the 1st 2 year , start only in Europe and America ( not US , the Whole Continent , that englobes South , central and North Americas ) . If we have a call from stores overseas , fine , 10/10 . If not , we're still kicking .
    After , let's say 4 collections ( 1 per semester ) . We think about charging it hard to Japan .
    The bad thing about japan is , Konami-Bushiroad-Bandai ruling TCG market . But as soon as we make CH-TCG famous there, we won't stop anymore .

    Now , How to make it Famous .
    It is and It is not easy . 1st of all , we can use both Animation and Comics .
    In Animation , we need to show THE GAME , as a competitive AND PVE ( getting the codes )
    As in Comics , we make stories (Gaiden-like ) about creatures on Cray . Also we publish a lore of each card , and a novel each set .

    There are way more things to do , but this just a brief resume in economical matters . By now , we can make a group with all current players on Facebook ( easier to find people ) , an active Twitter ( easier to spread news ) and do the impossible , KNOW WHO OWNS CHAOTIC LEGAL RIGHTS , and try to buy it .

    Recently ( well , about half an hour ago ) , i've joined a Facebook group about CH-TCG .
    I'll put the link here .

    If it is too awful to understand my topic. Srry , I can fix it later ( i'm doing 5 things at the same time right now , studying [ so accurate the one who put the word dying in stuDYING ] , helping on Family business , reading Scientific papers , chitchatting here , and trading/selling Vanguard cards ) .

    Peace to you all Generic MC Big Grin
    Super Rare

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    Gone for a while  Empty Re: Gone for a while

    Post by bobosmith01 on Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:53 pm

    Unless there's some commerical promotion, there's little you can do to predict wethre it will take off or not. Glad to hear you're doing okay, though.

    Chaotic Username : thiagovs the
    Chaotic Coins : 28
    Location : Brazil

    Gone for a while  Empty Re: Gone for a while

    Post by thiagovs on Tue Jun 07, 2016 10:28 pm

    If we make noise ( like a FaceBook Group and an Active FaceBook page/Twitter ) Soon the owner/Owners will contact us. But only if we get high numbers of views/Followers/Members .

    I can make a page ( A fresh new, with 0 everything , and all community can "abuse and use" it ) . We can make also a channel on Youtube and use all media spreaders in hands to our favor .

    Like posting deck Reviews , Box openings...
    Second point :
    Skype/Local championships.
    Make a small group with friends that used to play Chaotic and would like to play it as casual. Ask for a contribuition and buy a couple of boxes from ebay or even uses another TCG as prize , and organize tournaments .
    Why not use Online simulators ?
    Well. Online simulators are good , we have every cards ... BUT!!! ( and that's a But bigger than Kim Kardashian's...hump hump ... ) , it's not Official.
    You didn't Actually bought a sealed product. We need sales , we need NUMBERS. Not potential numbers ,real numbers.
    Also , if you have , let's say 12-15 friends in town that still have cards AND you have an ARG near your city/town/Village.Convince your friends to play there , buy , dunno ,1 FoW or CFV booster per person and Play Chaotic instead.
    Big point is :ORGANIZE BY YOUR OWN and only use ARG to buy your prizes. Eventually , the shopkeeper will ask you about what kind of TCG is Chaotic , how to play ...
    With the spores spreading in other ARGs , there will be a community playing .
    There will be space again .
    There will be , finally , our Good and Old Competitive Format again.
    While we will be Struggling online in , let's say , 4 channels ( Yt , FB , TWitter, and Twitch/Azubu/any stream-like website depsite Yt ) .
    Soon Blogs will talk about us , about how we are "turning against the tides of destiny" , we are overcoming and bringing people in by just playing.
    If all those events stands firm , in 1 or 2 years , we got Chaotic TCG back , or a final No.

    If we're going to do this way, competitive people , let's make the game more Budget!!!!!!! before competitive playstyle hit it up. Let's play more Commons and Rares , rather than super/Ultras .
    Building a deck needs to be essencially cheap , so players wouldn't be charmed if you play a Maxxor or an Aa'une against , lest say , a Vidav/old Frafdo-based deck.

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    Gone for a while  Empty Re: Gone for a while

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