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    Buying Any usefull Chaotic Cards


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    Buying Any usefull Chaotic Cards

    Post by Undertout123 on Sat Oct 08, 2016 10:52 am

    Hi all , after thinking that the game is dead i took a while of no playing but then i realised that i loved the game so much to just let it without playing anymore , so now i'm getting back to the game
    so i'm buying cards , i'm letting here a list of cards i want , for creature i prefer the creatures to be at least in average energy and stats , fell free to tell me if you have any in my list ( I have paypal for paiement )
    List :
    Maxxor POP and original ( no premium gold )
    Chaor TF and original ( no premium gold )
    Lord van bloot Servent and original ( no premium gold )
    Takinom new version
    Intress new version
    Antidaron ( promo )

    these are my most wanted , but any usefull cards even common ! Are welcome
    Also if you have other cards that are good and may interrest me please tell me too ^^

    It doesn't matter for me if the card code was used , just want the cards condition to be good And looking for great deals !

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