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    Cards Exclusive to Starter Decks


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    Re: Cards Exclusive to Starter Decks

    Post by TheOneVeyronian on Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:32 pm

    @Chiodosin1 wrote:
    @TheOneVeyronian wrote:Ah, didn't realise that the the "searching for" bit meant you were still trying to identify cards from that list that could be found in packs!

    I just remembered a couple more of the cards from that list that I'm 100% sure I got from booster packs: Nexus Fuse and Iron Pillar. I think the third super you can find in boosters is Telekinetic Bolt, but I'm less sure of that one as I can't remember if I traded for my copy or not. Ack, if only TCO would let me look at my old completed trades I would be able to concretely confirm Telekinetic Bolt's presence in packs for you.

    As for ultras, I think Megaroar may have been in boosters, but I can't be sure on that one because I traded for my copy. I haven't got copies of any of the other ultras you list (well, except Heptadd and LVB, but I pulled both of those from tins so I definitely still consider those SD exclusives)

    I am judging this by what cards I have in my Chaotic binder by the way, of which 99% of what I have originates from 1st edition boosters (the other 1% comes from TCO trades). I've never had 1st edition starter decks, only about 4 2nd edition ones with the shiny rares (and those sometimes came with supers that could be found in 1st edition boosters! You're right, it is a mess).

    ah thanks for the help! I had a feeling Iron pillar was on there. anyway the in TCO you CAN look at your old trades. under the green "trades" tab got to "Your trades" and it shows everyone you've traded with. then just click on the name you want and you can see the list of trades. click on a trade and you'll see what cards were in there. as for megaroar if the card's first edition there's no way to tell if it came from a SD or Booster pack. however since there aren't any 2nd edition starter decks all 2nd edition cards are from booster packs which makes things easy. last note there's not really a difference between 1st and 2nd edition packs in terms of what cards are inside what was an error on my part based on some misinformation so don't worry about that. anyhow if you figure out anything let me know.

    Edit: telekinetic bolt is on there just watched someone open one so just need the last ultra.

    Ah, I didn't know that. Just checked, actually my only Iron Pillar (a ripple foil one) came from a trade (I could have sworn I opened one too) but I can definitely confirm that Telekinetic Bolt is not an SD exclusive. However, given the original list of SD exclusive cards for DoP and the lack of Iron Pillar on that list, I'd still say Iron Pillar is not a SD exclusive.

    When I talked about 2nd edition starter decks, I was talking about the ones that had shiny rares and super rare symbols that said "super" (am I right to believe that these decks were mostly sold outside the US?). Those starters did contain supers that were not SD exclusives, I remember getting a Melody of Malady as the super in one such deck. But I've also had a few that have had SD exclusive supers in them.
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    Re: Cards Exclusive to Starter Decks

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:06 pm

    aaah yeah ok gotcha, well I'll put iron pilliar back on, I'll still need one more then super then... I'll repost the list again also that previous list doesn't seem totally correct... I saw speed open 2 tangaths once, man that card is booty lol.

    anyone let me know if you've found any of these in packs (not starter decks).
    Interlude of consequence
    Dranikus threshold
    Glacier plains
    Iron pilliar
    Underworld city
    Aqua shield
    Talisman of the mandiblor
    hail storm
    Sludge gush
    toxic gust

    Lord van bloot
    Lake ken-i-po
    Lucky shot
    Stone mail

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