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    Distinctive smell to Chaotic cards?


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    Distinctive smell to Chaotic cards? Empty Distinctive smell to Chaotic cards?

    Post by Cejay on Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:44 am

    Hey all, back again! Not sure how long it has been since I started that thread about obtaining past creatures.

    Wanted to ask anyone else if their tins and cards also have a very recognizable smell to them?
    Like deciding to go through your ol' deck of Chaotic cards only to receive a blast of a nostalgia inducing inky smell! It was just something I'd been thinking about recently, I've started painting houses since I last posted here and the other day I opened up a can of paint that I hadn't ever used before and it instantly reminded me of the smell of my Chaotic cards. I'm assuming it's the smell of the ink used on the cards just because the paint I was using had a similar smell. It could very well be the cardboard or dust or something else entirely. Not sure if it's just my cards but I'd be happy to read any and all replies Smile

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