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    Hello, seeking the online play I never got to have.


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    Hello, seeking the online play I never got to have.

    Post by GSAstro on Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:13 pm

    Hello, I am a long time card player and collector who never really got to play on the old site. I've been watching and collecting since the first season of the show came to the states, but at that time I was too young to figure out how to use the site properly. I resigned myself to collecting, and by the time I decided to check the site again it was long gone. Now I want to find a community that I can learn from and have fun with.

    In the way of strategy I am a complete amateur, and probably do't even know all the rules. I do however have over 600 physical cards with about 300 creature cards, with loyal cards and very rare cards from 5 tribes. The vast majority of my cards are from the Dawn of Perim, however I do have some from M'arrillian Invasion.

    I have come to understand that most people on the forum play using TradeCardsOnline, and there is apparently an app in development, by fans for fans. This makes me very happy other than it would make all the unused codes I have on my cards useless. The cards hold great sentimental value to me, however I don't know their value and further don't know if I want to sell them. I have several super and ultra rare cards, and if someone could roughly estimate their value it would help me a lot (although I probably wont sell them).

    Overworld Overworld is my favorite tribe and I have a copy of Najarin high muge of the lake, Frafdo the hero, Tangath Toborn in training, and Vidav master strategist (These are my favorite / best cards). I also have quite a few underworld Underworld cards such as Ketacc, Kopond, Nivenna, and Slufurah treacherous translator. If you have a value for these cards, are interested in these cards, or are interested in the rest of my collection, reply or message me (?, like i said i'm new).

    I hope to have a fun time on this forum and make friends with other Chaotic fans Big Grin .
    King A-Game Darini
    King A-Game Darini

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    Re: Hello, seeking the online play I never got to have.

    Post by King A-Game Darini on Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:08 pm

    You've came to the right and to be honest ONLY place. Chaotic cards are kinda weirdly priced as in they have no price. Meaning they cost whatever someones willing to pay for them. Obviously those cards you mentioned are worth more then the run of the mill commons and uncommons but there isn't really a set number for anything anymore because it's been gone for so long.

    If you want someone to teach you how to play properly. I,Oracle afjak and Chiodosin1 are on more then most others. The site's creator M'arrillian aka KingMaxxor4 and another good player Ketac123 know the game very well and might be willing to lend a hand. We all play on Tradecardsonline yes.

    Messages us or find us in the chatbox down bellow and we'll be happy to help.

    Besides Tradecards online therir is also a version on Steam called tabletop simulator made by KingCrazy. We also can play on skype if you wanna use real cards and I have been trying..although slowly to make a version for LackeyCCG.

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    Re: Hello, seeking the online play I never got to have.

    Post by LeGladiateur on Fri Oct 21, 2016 9:07 pm

    Hello to you my friend.

    I do have a lot of nice Overworld cards in my collection and I would gladly play against you via tradecardsonline.

    But I'm not sure to know why a new returning player would want to sell his cards. You can still use them to play on tradecardsonline or some people via Skype.

    Anyway, Welcome to Chaotic

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    Re: Hello, seeking the online play I never got to have.

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