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    Does anybody know...


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    Does anybody know...

    Post by BrianG1 on Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:38 pm

    ... why Fivarth was a super rare? Looked back in my overflowing boxes in my attic and found my "perfect" Fivarth (all stats are base, meaning all stats are a worthless 15) and I still cannot for the life of me figure it out. His stats imply that he is severely incompetent at doing anything and the only thing he has going for himself is protection for worse results as a Conjurer- was he just filler or what? Amazing card art, however. (Also I forgot that for some reason all of the supers and ultras from Silent Sands are smoother- kind of wet feeling, too?- than the ones from other sets)
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    Re: Does anybody know...

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:40 pm

    yeah I noticed the wetness myself maybe they used a different printing company for just that set? that's be my guess.

    as for your main question the obvious assumption with cards of higher rarity (particularly supers and ultras) is that since there harder to get there supposed to be stronger. in reality this isn't always the case which is actually a good thing. if every super or ultra was constantly above the lower raritys it makes people who buy fewer packs and a major setback plus having duds makes it more exciting, so its ok to have some duds and super/ultra. in general you want cards at higher raritys to be more complex, interesting or splashy which a lot of times means better but not always. also keep in mind that game designers make a lot of cards and while they can have general feel for a cards power level they can't know exactly how well each card will do, think of all the cards you might consider broken, if they can make cards too good by mistake they can easily make them too bad.

    onto fivarth in particular though he is a famous dud lol buuut tbh the early sets had alot of famous duds especially at the super rare level, the previous 2 sets had plenty of stuff like borth majar, tangath T, ultadur... you get the idea. it wasn't untill marrillian invasion when they decided to bring up the power of overall to put it more in line with the power of the ultra rares who at the time were pretty over the top by comparison. this makes alot of the older creatures especially at lower rarity not be able to hold up to todays rating. now my assumption with fivarth is that they assumed that having a untrargetable counjour was really good (keep in mind range and swift were less common without mowercycles) the stats are certainlly bad but honestly when you look and conjours like ranun or drimeese while they have higher stats no counjour at the time was gonna win a fight weather they had 40 energy or 15. my guess is though they underestimated how important a high recklessness reduction is and the fact that he's cut down from 10 to 5 hurts alot even if you keep 2 safe from mugic your can only keep smaller beasts so it overall was a flop.

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    Re: Does anybody know...

    Post by Battle95 on Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:16 pm

    Adding to this is his ability: "Fivarth may not be target of mugic or abilities". This ability is pretty rare and is not tossed around lightly. AZAIA Mindrobe for instance has the limitation of your supporting creature having high wisdom; Challor doesn't protect against mugic; WEV doesn't protect against abilities and Headmaster requires your creatures to have "Air". He also doesn't have "Untargetable", which means you can use Mugic on him and potentially buffing him.In this sense you don't even have to put a protective battle gear on him. He also has 2 Mugic Counters, and unlike other Conjurors his recklessness damage doesn't rely on Mugic Counters, thus enabling him as mugic user in your deck. The card isn't strong but it's unique. He would fit in a specific niche of "Meek", and in fun Glost decks. Definitely never saw any competitive play but just a fun and unique card, so thus his rareness.

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    Re: Does anybody know...

    Post by Hikeda on Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:59 pm

    I questioned this a long time ago. Apparently we have to look at the expansion and how many other conjurers there were at the time of release. There we're that many, and he has counters, and max e at 25 allows for interesting Melody of Meek something protection if I remember right...
    who knows tho... just a card they could power-up at a later date.

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    Re: Does anybody know...

    Post by King A-Game Darini on Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:30 pm

    ". The card isn't strong but it's unique. He would fit in a specific niche of "Meek" "

    Can''t use Meek on Fivarth himself though and Ranun has the ability to heal making him the better user.

    Fivarth can't be the target of mugic or abilities. This is just the old way of saying Untargetable. Like how Maxxor had The old Loyal and as you guys know untargetable means your mugic and abilities too.

    If I were to buff Fivarth i'd give him an extra mugic counter and amp his reck - to at least 10 or maybe even 15 to really sell him.

    I'd definetly also boast dimness's -10 to -15 . Ranun is fine where he's at but Drim has a downside to using his counters I wouldn't mind him having a spare counter either but Drim can use a Rivita flower while Fivarth cannot.

    As for the rarity question. Partly do to what Chiodosin said and partly because he was the first conjurer in the show making him well wanted for the younger people playing.

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    Re: Does anybody know...

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