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    Flameblade of Seeryn


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    Flameblade of Seeryn Empty Flameblade of Seeryn

    Post by Battle95 on Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:54 pm

    First of all: SHINY!
    The blade is literally made of fire---way cool.
    Card Text:Whenever the equipped creature deals 30 or more fire damage with a single attack, destroy TARGET battle gear.
    The blade technically is Seeryn's who is the Underworld Servant of Fire, and fits perfect to the Underworld theme of destruction. The Underworlders fight better while already having an advantage, and destroying your opponent's gear one by one is a huge advantage.
    What a fantastic card for Chaor TF or any deck with Nivenna. This means destroying battle gears, is possible with almost half of your attack deck, ceteris paribus. What an extremely dangerous card since that Najarin FF you thought was safe with an AZAIA Mindrobe... is now fair game for BURN! That means goodbye WEV, Challor, let alone the opposing engaged creature's gear. If done right, you will be able to destroy all of your opponent gear-which may wreck combo and win-conditions. If nothing else, your opponent will be playing without battle gear and unless you're Neekwin and will get revived hundreds of times a game, safe to say you'll win the game.
    Thus, Flameblade of Seeryn is a staple in UW decks but any deck with lot's of Fire (Gronmor and Gimwei) come into mind. Magmon Engulfed also looks pretty good with this card. Weaknesses are of course the ever present Elemental Hate(I actually won a tournament back in the day by getting rid of Chaor TF's equipped with Flameblade "Fire" and thus "Fire 10"); and gear destruction(which there doesn't seem to be too much- if anything else it will force your opponent to use gear removal for this card, thus maybe saving gear on your other creatures). Let me know what you guys think. I'll be doing Card Reviews on my YouTube channel weekly and this would be the kind of stuff I would say.

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