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    new player Empty new player

    Post by bmwilliams1 on Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:04 am

    Can some one help me learn how to use the dueling on the trade cards online site, I'm new to the online side of chaotic and would like some help.

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    new player Empty Re: new player

    Post by LeGladiateur on Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:08 pm

    Here's a video from Speedplayera on Youtube that explains a lot.

    May this help you and ask as many question as you want

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    new player Empty Re: new player

    Post by bmwilliams1 on Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:56 pm

    Thanks but I was looking for how to actually duel like what to click and things once the battle has begun. That video was helpful for creating decks thank you.
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    new player Empty Re: new player

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:12 pm

    hmm maybe I should do a tutorial...

    quick rundown thought.
    make sure your deck is sorted before hand in the deck builder (attacks, locations, creatures and battlegear)

    the location deck will be in the upper left
    the attack deck will be in the lower right
    and your creatures gear and mugic will be in the lower middle.

    you can click and drag on cards to move them to your hand which is the white box off to the left. when a cards in your hand, you can see it but your opponent can't. I reccomend moving your mugic creatures and gear to your hand to see them, then place them on the board be sure to put your battlegear down first then put your creatures on top of them as the site likes to link the cards together.

    you can right click any deck to shuffle, move cards from the top or bottom, or search the deck for cards.

    you can shuffle your attack and location deck if you want (though the site will do it for you when the game begins) then draw your attack cards by again clicking and dragging them into your hand.

    on the lower right is a way to roll dice or flip a coin, the majority of people like using the 6 sided dice by default with high roll going first.

    to flip over your creatures (or any card) double click it so now that the games beginning reveal all your creatures.

    near the dice roller are tokens in 3 colors which people use for mugic counters, click and drag these onto your creature. Be careful when moving these as they can glitch if you and your opponent both move them at the same time, so talk and make sure you don't move them together.

    flipping a location is done the same way with a double click.
    any cards you play from your hand like attacks and mugic will also need to be flipped after they leave your hand.

    stats can be a bit tricky, the playmat trackers on the side are a bit small, some players use the counters to mark them just like you'd normally do, but some players find it hard to read anyways and just keep track of there own stats off the site. either way you'll probably have to ask for your opponents stats often so don't hesitate

    The energy of the engaged creatures is tracked on the counter just bellow the chat box. simply type the number you want your energy to be into the box and your good to go.

    when a location is done simply turn it face down by double clicking again then put in on top of your deck, right click and select "top card to bottom"

    to reshuffle your attack deck you must unfortunately flip each individual card face down then put them in a pile and right click and pick shuffle.

    right clicking a card not on a pile will turn in sideways (aka tapping) its useful in games like mtg but for chaotic its mainly used to point out a spesific card or to show an ability that can only be used once has been used, (such as na-inna's)

    to end the game, simply click the end game button on top and select your opponent as the winner, your opponent must end the game if you are the winner or you can select the abandon game option if nesscary. be sure to end the game in some way though as closing the window without doing so can leave you unable to start new games for a time (an hour or so)

    in general the site has a some lag even for players close to one another so expect your opponent to be slightly behind you at all times and you to be behind them. its not a huge difference but be patient with responses. try not to touch your opponent card except for tapping them as both players can end up dragging a card at the same time which can cause minor glitchs.

    that's about all you need to know I think...

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    new player Empty Re: new player

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