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    Pull rates from Dawn of Perim Starter Deck display (5 Overworld Starters, 5 Underworld Starters)


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    Pull rates from Dawn of Perim Starter Deck display (5 Overworld Starters, 5 Underworld Starters)

    Post by rebelpilotJYZ on Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:59 am

    I opened a Dawn of Perim Starter Deck Display this weekend. Here are some of the rates

    2 ultras:

    Stone Mail (Overworld Starter)

    Mega Roar (Underworld Starter)

    8 supers:

    2 Castle Bodhran (1 from Overworld Starter, 1 from Underworld Starter)

    2 Sludge Gush (1 from Overworld Starter, 1 from Underworld Starter)

    2 Blazier (Both from Underworld Starters)

    1 Aqua Shield (Overworld Starter)

    1 Melody of Malady (Overworld Starter)

    Rares (from what I remember) 2 Zalic 3 Ekuud 3 Klasp 2 Skreeth 3 Song of Geonova 1 Orb of Foresight 2 Kiru City 2 Cyclance 2 Liquilizer 2 Song of Stasis 1 Hive Call 1 Viperlash

    2 Power Pulse 1 Skeletal Strike 1 Paral-Eyes

    Overall, 1 Ultra and 5 supers were from the Starter Deck Exclusive List. The other ultra and rest of the supers were not.

    From the rares, the average was 2 rare starter deck exclusives and 1 non rare starter deck exclusive. The rare card was typically an attack card like Skeletal Strike, Power Pulse, and Paral-Eyes.

    The rares and supers from the Overworld Starter Deck were almost all from the Underworld. Vice versa applies for the Underworld Starter Deck.

    Overall, the pulls were godawful. When half of your foils can be found in booster packs, this really hurts your chances of pulling starter deck exclusive foils. Furthermore, most of the foils have been reprinted in the premium pack. The ones such as Heptadd, Owis, Drakness, Xield, Lavalanche, Toxic Gust, Hail Storm, Sludge Gush, Glacier Plains, Lake Ken-I-Po, and Underworld City are going to be the ones people want; if you have any of these, I wouldn’t trade them if I were you. I doubt you will find a collector who is willing to part with them. And no, my Owis is not for trade. Not many starter decks were cracked open compared to the boosters. Nevertheless, the starter decks are crucial if you want to do deck building for an earlier format. The majority of the predetermined cards are exclusive. If you are after Dawn of Perim foils, it is much better to go for the starter decks than the boosters. As for the starters, I definitely say the Secrets of the Lost City has the best value. They made it so you can only pull past cards as your foils.

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