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    Infection? Mandiblor might?


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    Infection? Mandiblor might? Empty Infection? Mandiblor might?

    Post by Deltasign_Gaming on Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:08 pm

    Dear, long dead chaotic community
    Do parasite tokens count as mandiblors/infected creatures count as mandiblors? The newest rules(secrets of the lost city) say nothing about it, while the probably wrong wiki says the creators count, and the second rule book(m'arillian invasion) says the tokens count/per parasite tokens as mandiblors (says they can have multiple). The comprehensive rule book doesn't say anything about them counting as mandiblors, and it is one of the more updated rule books. Which of these is the correct ruling? Also why did they not give notice to the rule change (if they did, please show us the articles)

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    Infection? Mandiblor might? Empty Re: Infection? Mandiblor might?

    Post by jeffid on Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:43 am

    The ruling I got from Chaotic Cyclik years ago was they count as mandiblors for effects that count "mandiblors you control" and thats it. They dont give the creature infected 'mandiblor' subtype or anything like that. They will not gain anything from say an Ivelaan in the discard that says mandiblors you control gain 25 to each stat etc. It is a very specific thing infected creatures count for; the best example is Nimmei's effect. Hive: Gain 5 E and 5 to all disciplines for each mandiblor you control. In this case; you count all infected creatures that you infected (If you infected your own creatures they also count; but you can only count a creature once. so an infected noble will count but an infected mandiblor doesnt count twice)
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    Infection? Mandiblor might? Empty Re: Infection? Mandiblor might?

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:14 pm

    this question is very common actually, parasites are a little confusing, so much so that they actually did an errata on them (an errata is a wording change on cards to make them more clear)

    now parasites themselves don't do anything inherently, they just make a creature "infected" (which also has no inherent effect)

    but now every card that used to say "number of mandiblors you control" has been errated to also count infected creatures. ex. wamma used to say
    "hive: wamma has an additional 5 energy for each mandiblor you control"
    he now reads
    "hive: wamma has an additional 5 energy for each mandiblor you control and each infected creature"

    you can see card errata on tco, or this sites collection page but it makes it very clear what's going on.

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    Infection? Mandiblor might? Empty Re: Infection? Mandiblor might?

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