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    Post by vhpvbs45 on Mon Dec 16, 2019 11:43 am

    Hello, everybody.

    So, let me start this topic by sharing with this group my trajectory to Chaotic. It all began when I was a kid and happened to stumble across the series on Jetix. It was the first episode, and I fell in love with the idea right away, although I had no clue there was a real card game in real life, nor the money to get any cards (plus, I didn't - still don't - know anyone in real life who shared my appreciation for the show).

    Some time passed, Jetix turned into Disney XD and I once again found myself watching the first episodes of Season 2 by accident. Then I went to search more about the game, finding out about the online platform back when the site still worked. I tried playing but my internet was not good enough so as to allow me to actually play the damn thing. I kept coming back though. Time and time again I would visit the site, try to play some match, studying the cards, etc.

    The site was shut down and I took notice of a Youtube channel of a guy telling how you could actually play Chaotic on tabletop simulator, or on Trading cards online. I just recently (last week) got my hands on the Tabletop simulator, but could not find anyone to play.

    I visited the platform and it is quite good, to be honest, so I plan to use it more often now that I am older and know the rules better.

    One thing bothers me ever since I found about the game: there is no bot, no offline platform players can randomly activate to relax, blow some steam off, just test the deck and stuff.

    I searched for it in countless sites, but found nothing, not even other fans looking after this. I wondered how hard it could be to learn AI, codding, Machine Learning and etc, but it turns out to be quite a rabbit hole in itself. Still, I grew up surrounded by more popular card games, namely yu-gi-oh, and what never lacked was precisely that: a platform with a story mode, filled with bots, and you could play at your own time and rhythm.

    So, I wonder if this project is not possible after all. I know it is not easy, otherwise someone would have done it already. I also know we have very talented and smart people in the Chaotic community who have quite a lot of expertise in this field than myself (I studied History in College. That's it, no know-how whatsoever).

    There have been rumors around of a possible return of Chaotic, but as if yet, things remain unlikely. Besides, what if it never comes back? It is a possiblity.

    I know what I'm suggesting might sound stupidly naïve, weird, unnecessary too, and that I'm bitting off more than I can chew, but I think it is worth the try. Someone might know someone that could shed more light on whether this is impossible or not.

    That's it guys. Let me know your thoughts. These are mine, which I have carried around for quite a few years, and since, as far as I managed to find, no one asked about it, I'm asking.

    Let's get chaotic.

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