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    Discuss Steam Games here and share Multiplayer info here!

    Post by FinalOne1 on Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:29 am

    Hello! it's me AmoebaHewdraw Finalone1! I'm here making a discussion about Steam games, any game that is on Steam, and you can plan for multiplayer games for well, any game. my first Steam game was the Indie Game Terraria, a sandbox/adventure where you kill monsters and mine ore to get awesome gear, If you like to shoot monsters or blast them with some magic or just whack them with a stick, terraria is the game for you. I also recently acquired Dota 2 And EverCrack EverQuest. I haven't played either yet, i need to download them XD. I'm planning on buying Portal and Portal 2 sometime, hopefully before the Summer Sale ends Hehe and my older brother is planning on buying a 4 pack of Monaco and giving me and my younger brother a copy as well as his girlfriend. So, that's it for me now it's your turn to share you're games and username, like i forgot to do, or did i? Hint: It's AmoebaHewdraw. Fair warning, if you want to friend me in Steam, tell me first, trust me, i don't think I'd accept unless you do

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