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    New Player FAQ


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    New Player FAQ

    Post by Marrillian on Tue Dec 06, 2011 2:53 pm

    For questions related to gameplay visit the gameplay forum or gameplay faq.

    Where/How do I play online?:

    There's a website that is used for playing Chaotic matches called Trade Cards Online. You can read more about it here:

    Additionally, we have had some surprising updates about an in development version of a Chaotic client! You can read about its progress ->

    Chaotic Coins:
    On the old site, you earned them by uploading cards. Since we don't have that mechanic on this site, you earn chaotic coins by posting in the forum. They don't serve any purpose so don't worry about it.

    Forum Ranks/Tribe Member:

    The ranks work here almost like in the regular forum, except I downsized the number of posts per rank since obviously we haven't been here as long as on the regular forum.

    n00b 0    
    Common 5  
    Uncommon 50    
    Rare 100    
    Super Rare 250  
    Ultra Rare 500  
    Tribe Member 1000

    When you reach Tribe Member, send me a private message and I will give you the tribe of your choice.

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