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    Post by BlzvSprayTan on Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:22 pm

    So, I'm a pretty avid World of Warcraft(WoW) player, and I keep up with an online newspaper kind of thing on WoW. It's called WoW Insider, and is a sister site of Massively: if any of you are familiar with that site.

    Now, WoW used to produce sets of Trading Cards that they put to an end just a couple months ago. They then released an online card game called Hearthstone, which is just now coming out of beta I believe. I honestly am one of the few on here that am not too fond of anime, trading card games and that sort of thing, so don't ask me what Hearthstone is like. Chaotic is just kinda, different I guess.

    So yesterday I was reading my lil WoW newspaper site and came across an article that informs that Razer®(a manufacturer of PC equipment for gamers) signed off on a sponsorship for a Hearthstone player --thats right-- a professional Hearthstone player. That's when the thought came to me- what if Chaotic had become extremely successful instead of the route it did take? I just thought of some people on this site, and others we may have known in the past, that are extreme players; would these players have potentially gotten sponsored if Chaotic got big?

    Unfortunately, none of us will get a paycheck from Chaotic, as far as we know, but it certainly is thought provoking: a professional card player.

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    Re: Paycheck?

    Post by jessotic on Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:48 pm

    i played the World of Warcraft TCG and I've gotta say i had no clue how it worked barely played the game i gave the cards to my nephew because he wouldn't stop bugging the living crap outta of me until i decided to give them to him.

    But yeah i to sometimes think what if Chaotic became huge would their be an app to make real life scanners like say you download the app you can goto the market store and scan barcodes and each barcode has a team of creatures you can battle and if you win then you get a rare card or something. And they also could of released way more cards like fire and stone, sea and storm,etc.

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    Re: Paycheck?

    Post by King A-Game Darini on Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:29 pm

    I'm one of the few who doesn't like other TCG's either though I like anime and yeah Blzv , If chaotic had gotten big enough witch even at it's prime wasn't as big it needed to be for a player to get sponsored to play but it was a possibility. You see Call of Duty players getting sponsored all the time to play the game (and Yes get payed) same thing other games like that for another example theirs quite a few players sponsered to play Halo and Madden and even skateboarders are sponsored to skate! Awesome stuff... Here's a link on how to do it to.
    I'm pretty good at video games but uhh not at those levels.It's also a lot easier when your youtube famous for gaming and also if your big enough on youtube you can get paid for videos,along with putting ads on your vids.

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    Re: Paycheck?

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