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    Post by ziro207 on Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:10 pm

    Does anyone else ever get annoyed with cards that only counter specific things (eg: Glacier Plains)? I was wondering if you guys thought that sideboarding in Chaotic would be a good idea and if so how it would work.

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    Re: Sideboards?

    Post by BlzvSprayTan on Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:34 am

    Technically since online you may play a series of decks(including ones that are only tweaks away from each other) we don't really need side boarding. Changing your deck after seeing your opponent's is probably not good for chaotic. In the show, it was about knowing your opponents play style that would influence your deck choices. That's done through having choices prior to playing both online and offline in the tcg.

    I do feel your pain though. I worked for probably over an hour to find some sort of reliability in Nimmei EO, but couldn't. The solution to that is to 1. Raise the odds of seeing those situations by making those situations more viable in gameplay 2. Include less cards that depend on your opponent's deck.

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    Re: Sideboards?

    Post by Doublea on Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:03 pm

    It does suck that a lot of cool cards aren't used because they are too situational. I guess you would have to know who ever you are playing is a certain kind of player/plays a tribe. Most good players don't usually stick with one tribe though.

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    Re: Sideboards?

    Post by Marrillian on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:38 am

    I had on the original forums had a few discussions on "side decks" how it would work is that your deck would have 1-3 (I'm not sure what would be the best number) of extra mugic and extra battle gears; 2 extra locations. I was really conflicted about having changeable attacks, because that would require a ref (offline) to have to recheck the balance of the build points.

    So how it would work is that before you laid all your cards on the field, you swap cards in to "counter" your opponent (providing you "knew" what he was running). For attacks it would be slightly different where you can take out up 4 and put in the same amount while not exceeding Build Points. (Instead of 1 for 1 swapping like the other cards)

    Now I hadn't ever been to an official offline tournament, but I believe that you couldn't change the positions of creatures/battle gears for each match? If that isn't the case, then instead of just swapping BG, you would be able to rearrange them however you wanted.

    This would have brought gameplay just slightly closer to how the show worked (with constructing a deck before each game; which would other wise have taking too long). And allowed for less "anti-decks" because people wouldn't be building to counter a specific person, but instead be able to have counters for different people built in with the flexibility of core components.

    Personally I dislike the idea of swapping out creature(s). Although at this time I can't think of a solid reason why.

    TL; DR
    Allow for a limited pre-game side deck (swapping out cards).

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    Re: Sideboards?

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