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    Dark Souls

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    Dark Souls

    Post by King A-Game Darini on Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:48 pm

    I've been playing the game for longer but yeah it's free when you buy xbox live gold (not sure if dlc is included) the dlc would be worth it though.

    I LOVE this game. It's my favorite. If you play it and wanna discuss Lore,Need help with something,wanna learn about it if you haven't played it go ahead and ask away.

    I can help with any topic really..I can even throw in a few hints that won't spoil the game but will enhance it as you might miss it your first time playing and the wiki's and other forums might cause spoilers  so yeah..

    The game is for XBox,PS3 and PC naturally. Xbox controller is the easiest format to work with..I wouldn't recommend trying to play it on pc without an xbox controller hook up as the pc controls are way hard to use comparatively but the mods that go with pc aren't like skyrim because most are just Graphics fixxes and very few comical or game play add ons so it could be useful to play pc. PS3 has some bugs but i've been playing that and it works fine. (i've played both ps3 and xbox formats a lot and not much problem with the game) I can't play online at the moment as my xbox tray is broken (need xbox live..) and my ps3's laser is all messed up Unsure or i'd love to co op or duel.

    some tips in that link (has no spoilers)
    and view this for upgrading weapons

    these won't make sense at first but start playing and refer back to them.

    1 more thing. When picking your character always chose the master key as your starting gift unless you pick thief as your starting class (witch i usually do) because it comes with a key. If it's your first time playing I'd recommend streaming it as people love to watch newbies play. (I'd love to see someone I know here try it out and record it) I've gotten friends to but it'd still be nice.

    my profile picture is inspired by the game.

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