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    What elements do you like?


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    What elements do you like? Empty What elements do you like?

    Post by BlzvSprayTan on Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:22 am

    I was reading Chromedragon's signature and was inspired to write a small post on what elements I like. Feel free to also comment what elements in Chaotic you like to play.

    Favorite: Earth Element Earth
    The Earth element has a really solid utility paired up with it. A lot of Earth-based cards can cycle locations, provide defense, etc. extremely well. Not to mention, Earth mainly belong to Mipedians and Danians which happen to be my favorite tribes. Earth also is tied with Courage, which is arguably the most abundant stat in the game and therefore has a large pool of cards that can be used together.

    Second Favorite:  Water Element Water
    Water is probably the second best at utility, and is also the most frequent appearing element in the game. Thanks to the Marrillians, water became the element to appear on the most creatures and on the most attacks. This gives building a water deck a lot of really good options and variety, which is why I like the element so much. The most synergistic solo-element attack deck is a water attack deck. The Earth and Water combo on cards like Ice disks is also truly devastating.

    Third Favorite:  Air Element Air
    I actually am quite fond of Air because it offers the most interesting utility. It only ranks third because the utility it does bring is rare, and when it does occur it is too outlandish to be used in the meta-game. Air is also the most frequent element on my favorite tribe, so I have a little bias. Go mips.

    Last but not least:  Fire Element Fire
    Fire just seems like a stale element to me, and isn't my playstyle. It is very much centered around damage and destruction. While dealing extra damage and destroying gear is great and all, I just don't find it as interesting as the others and it doesn't offer as complex of gameplay that you need for high level masters.

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    What elements do you like? Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTMq-KwIuhNTft6y85ypBsRt-_BdAR1XYzq0r9k0eJ4wmrYkAAP Every Beast has a purple lining.What elements do you like? Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTMq-KwIuhNTft6y85ypBsRt-_BdAR1XYzq0r9k0eJ4wmrYkAAP


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    What elements do you like? Empty Re: What elements do you like?

    Post by Blitser on Fri Sep 26, 2014 11:28 am

    Personally my favourite element is and always has been Fire. ( Fire Element )

    Dealing more damage than the opponent can hope to deal with has always been my favourite playstyle. It can be a tad simplistic, but as a classic player at heart I can't help but love it. I mean what other element could even come close to being able to claim doing 20 extra damage, without mugic, every turn back in DoPS?

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    What elements do you like? Empty Re: What elements do you like?

    Post by ChromeDragon258 on Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:50 pm

    I thinks its cool that someone actually read my sig. EyeRoll Awe Laugh Hehe Nuclear Exclamation Chaotic Mipedian Mipedian Mipedian !!!!!
    Air Element has always been my favorite since i started playing. I Think it might be because i always enjoy a good windstorm, and every air card seems to depict one!!! (don't forget to mention that my two favorite creatures(that i did not know existed when i first began) both share that element!)
    Fire Element and Earth Element are both at 2nd for me.
    I think i enjoy fires high damage and earth's consistancy.
    Water Element is last but not least.
    I like its versitallity but i don't really think it is my style of combat. I still use it occasionally (Marrillians are so powerful!(i like mipedians more)) but not often.

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    What elements do you like? Empty Re: What elements do you like?

    Post by Doublea on Thu Oct 02, 2014 7:33 pm

    I like Water Element the most, mainly due to me being a m'arrillian player. I also think that Air Element and Earth Element are the best combined elements. There are a lot of attacks that use both of them, which is good for my other favorite tribe, mipedians.

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    What elements do you like? Empty Re: What elements do you like?

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