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    Worst Designed Cards

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    Re: Worst Designed Cards

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:04 pm

    I always thought ballad of the belittled was a little pointless the only decks where all your opponents disciplines are likely to get that low are are Gantrak decks but since damage is pretty worthless in those decks the mugic is not that helpful I feel like the disipline level should have been set to 50 maybe to make it useful in other stat lowering decks
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    Re: Worst Designed Cards

    Post by lazerbem on Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:16 pm

    @Lunatea wrote:I'm rather inexperienced with the card game itself, but I really do not see a point to the attack Gravity Slam. It deals little damage, with its maximum damage requiring an enemy to have no power stat at all, and has a cost of 2, which could easily be spent on other attacks that more consecutively deal as much if not more damage on average. Even Pebblestorm seems more useful, and it requires the user have the right elements.

    Speaking of Pebblestorm, I feel that its build cost is unreasonable when you consider the only way for it to get full damage is if the user is proficient at air and earth attacks. Sure, many Mipedians would benefit, but we often see the move (in the show) being used by Overworlders most. Even if it does have the ability to do 10 damage, its cost of a build point makes an inexperienced player such as myself to think it would be more useful to spend that build point somewhere else.

    Again, I am still not very good at Chaotic, so what I've said above may well be completely wrong.
    Gravity Slam and its Speed, Courage, and Wisdom counterparts work perfectly for decks featuring the stat lowering M'arrillians. It's incredibly easy for them to lower your stats down to zero, especially with the Kha'rall Intimidates, Part'soa, and Intimidating Melody of M'arr. There are ways to lower stats more specifically as well for M'arrillians, Van Bloot and Riptide being absolutely ruinous against Courage decks.

    As for Pebblestorm, it is an example of the powercreep in the game. Much like Steam Rage, it was simply phased out by newer attacks. Turbulence Funnel surpasses Pebblestorm in every way, but you can't blame Pebblestorm for it as it was released before Turbulence Funnel. As for it being used in the show a lot, yeah, that's because Chaotic's show is less accurate to game mechanics than even the Yugioh show.

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