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    Looking for magic players! (old and new)


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    Looking for magic players! (old and new)

    Post by ChromeDragon258 on Sat May 09, 2015 9:36 pm

    I am getting more active again on Tradecardsonline and I know all of you play my favorite game (Chaotic), but how many of you play my second favorite (Magic the Gathering)?

    I will accept any challenge on both games!

    I will play any Magic format! Just tell me what you want to face Smile

    Let's get Chaotic !!!
    (yes I say that for Magic to XD. I LOVE that line!)

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     Chaotic Please come back my favorite TCG  Chaotic

    ps: look in the Chaotic Roleplay section and check out my new Roleplay. it is called
    "The Hunt for the Cothica"
    lets get Chaotic !!!

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