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    Looking for Ursis and Maxxor (w/ good stats) to buy!


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    Looking for Ursis and Maxxor (w/ good stats) to buy!

    Post by KidChaor on Sat May 30, 2015 2:17 pm

    *These cards must be well balanced in discipline and energy or somewhat near base stats
    *Does not have to be unscanned (I only want the card, so basically it could be already scanned and used online)
    *Good condition

    Cards I'm looking for:
    Base Stats:
    Courage: 100
    Power: 65
    Wisdom: 80
    Speed: 50
    Energy: 65
    Base Stats:
    Courage: 60
    Power: 85
    Wisdom: 45
    Speed: 45
    Energy: 80
    Base Stats:
    Courage: 90
    Power: 60
    Wisdom: 20
    Speed: 50
    Energy: 70

    PM me with the stats of whichever you're selling, we will then negotiate a price!

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