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    An idea for a spiritual successor to Chaotic


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    An idea for a spiritual successor to Chaotic

    Post by FinalOne1 on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:15 pm

    It's been a long time hasn't it now? But enough with introductions. While I was just going about my normal business, I had a wave of creativity. What if I made a trading card game? at first, I thought about trading card games that I have already played, including Chaotic and though Why not put mechanics from Chaotic into this trading card game? Then, I came up with a few rules and whatnot, so here's what I got so far.
    1. Players start with two 50 card decks, one for spell-like cards, and one for creatures to summon.
    2. Players draw 5 cards from their spell deck, and X+5 cards from their creature deck, X being the number of empty spaces on the battle board decided in the beginning of the game by the players/officials/etc. Players then place X cards from their creature hand onto the battle board face down, and reveal them after the first turn is decided.
    3. Creatures have the following statistics used during the game at various times. Health, Strength, Resistance, and Movement Points. A creature's health is the amount of damage a creature can take until it is destroyed (almost obvious), A creature's strength is the amount of damage a creature does after attacking another creature, A creature's resistance is the amount of damage that is ignored during a creature's attack, while movement points is the amount of spaces a creature can move per turn.
    4. If a creature is to move upon another creature, it deals that amount of damage to it's enemy equal to the following equation, Attackers Strength-Defender's Resistance=Damage dealt to defender. If a defending creature's resistance is greater than it's attacker's strength, the attacker is unable to move during it's next turn.
    5. Spells cast are varied depending on their spell types. Regular Spells can be played at any time, while Rune Spells can only be played during your turn. Each spell costs cards in your creature deck. Rune spells are akin to enchantments in Magic.
    6. If a creature is defeated, it is replaced at the end of that creature's owner's turn. If a there are not open spaces on your battle board, you may place it on the closest unoccupied space on the battle board.
    7. A player wins when, A. All of a player's creatures on the battle board are destroyed, B. When a player successfully destroys 10 creatures, or C. A player's Creature deck is depleted.
    8. Creatures may only attack one creature per turn, but all creatures can attack on the same turn.
    9. Rune spells are, as stated earlier, are akin to enchantments in Magic, and apply passive effects on players and creatures while they rest on the rune board, which is just a fancy word for lying on the field.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my idea for my new game! Please feel free to give you my feedback.

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    Re: An idea for a spiritual successor to Chaotic

    Post by brainard52 on Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:29 pm

    I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I don't exactly have time to read through it all, but I'm all for a spiritual successor to the game. We probably wouldn't even have to change the rules all that much. Names of zones and abilities and the like would obviously need to be changed, but we could even just have a traditional high-fantasy theme.

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