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    Healing Attacks Empty Healing Attacks

    Post by lazerbem on Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:20 am

    Are there any attack cards that heal more than ten damage to the user? It seems odd how there are so few that heal at all

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    Healing Attacks Empty Re: Healing Attacks

    Post by CSpacian on Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:08 pm

    Just 5 healing instead of 5 damage isn't a good thing, especially when you are allowing your opponent to basically deal the damage right back at you. You need to be able to heal more damage than your opponent can possibly inflict at the same cost so it becomes more than just trying to stall as you'd need an alternative and constant way to deal damage with either Recklessness or a Creature's ability. And I don't think Chaotic wanted that to come to pass. Without an attack like Pokemon's Toxic just healing wouldn't cut it and get you kills.
    I mean look at Dawn of Perim's Healing abilities in Vidav and damage dealing in Ulmar. The game kind of knows that dealing damage is much better than healing or else they would've made them heal and deal the same damage. And we kind of see it again with cards like Sediment Sandshield versus Clean Slide. Healing needs to be easier to pull off than damaging, Chaotic understood that, but never really invested in Healing.

    For a Healing attack to become playable it needs to heal at least 10x the Build Points + an additional 15 maximum as attacks deal 10x the BP + 10. I'd even say more.

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