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    How many of each set should I get?


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    How many of each set should I get?

    Post by lixiangg on Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:14 am

    I'm planning on getting atleast 48packs of each set from RotO to AU. But I also want to get some 144 or 288 packs for the better sets. I was a huge fan of chaotic back then, but I was a kid and never had the money to get enough cards to make a decent deck. So I never got to learn to rules of how to play. Which sets have better cards in general and how many packs should I get for each set? Is it worth buying the older sets, and on average how often do you get an ultra rare? Thx

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    Re: How many of each set should I get?

    Post by Blitser on Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:51 pm

    The odds for getting a super rare are 1:3 and the odds for an ultra are 1:24. That's an average of exactly one ultra per box and eight supers.

    Dawn of Perim: Secrets, Marrillian Invasion: Beyond the Doors, and Alliances Unraveled: Secrets of the Lost City, are the most important sets for base cards. They have more cards than other expansions and were all meant to be good for players who were starting to get into packs. As a general rule, later sets are going to give you stronger cards, but it's best to try and figure out which cards you actually want for your playstyle and get the packs for them. Smile

    In summary - prioritize sets with cards you specifically want the most, but otherwise Secrets of the Lost City will probably be your best bet.

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