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    Creature of the Week 9: Proboscar


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    Creature of the Week 9: Proboscar

    Post by CSpacian on Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:40 am

    A day late again. My entire week has been thrown off, surprised I didn't post this on Monday.
    I'm pretty certain that this is the first tribeless Creature, let's look at a Creature with a weird ability.

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    Re: Creature of the Week 9: Proboscar

    Post by lazerbem on Thu Nov 05, 2015 4:10 pm

    Ah, Proboscar. I don't like that his ability isn't called "Reach"

    Anyway, Proboscar is extremely mobile. Combine him with Phelphor or something like that, and you've got some good board control

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    Re: Creature of the Week 9: Proboscar

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:37 pm

    ah time to shine I discovered semi-recently the interesting use of proboscar's second ability. defender if you don't know lets you swap places with a creature being attacked. but you can only swap if you are next to the space where the battle takes place. but with proboscar's effect you get to go all scorpion on there butt and draw them to his own space. in this way you can snatch up important support creatures away from your opponents defense and force them to fight you. I also like with his reach effect+swift you can move to any open space as the first 1 space then go to the creature next who you want to attack allowing you to hit targets miles away with only 1 swift(as long as there next to an open space). so giving proboscar range and swift is a pretty good idea (that's why my deck has 2 xelfes and 2 bi mowers) proboscars main limit is his attack potential. he has speed and kinda power but honestly you kinda have to use his gear to up his attack potential. whether that's a stat gear, an element gear, or a dagger he really needs gear to be a consistent fighter. this combined with no mugic is why he's so rarely seen, even after I discovered his anti defender tactics. I love this guy honestly and my scorpion deck is one of my favorites to use.

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    Re: Creature of the Week 9: Proboscar

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