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    So, these Spiritlanders


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    So, these Spiritlanders Empty So, these Spiritlanders

    Post by Vi on Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:24 pm

    So looking at my own avatar, I remembered Tangath came from the Spiritland, and there isn't much to go on here. I guess you can call them their own tribe, just allied with the OverWorlders if so. Honestly they sound pretty dangerous if there's more bad guys like Vitog. Where could the Spiritlands be located anyway?

    But that's not exactly why I wrote this. I was never around for the card game, was there any mentioning of Spiritlanders in the game or older versions of Chaotic? Or was it just something the producers tied in towards the end? Either way, I'd like to see these guys get more screen time if a reboot ever surfaces.

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    So, these Spiritlanders Empty Re: So, these Spiritlanders

    Post by bobosmith01 on Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:55 pm

    Considering how the show seemed to both deviate and follow up on plenty of things, I'd bet the Spiritlands would come up again. Would it be super important or not is up for debate, though.
    Same thing for Van Bloot, though maybe only in a reference. He was supposed to work with Aszil, but, well, Time Travel.

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