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chaotic episode summarys (done poorly)

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chaotic episode summarys (done poorly) Empty chaotic episode summarys (done poorly)

Post by Chiodosin1 on Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:49 pm

this is a summary of every episode in season 1, but done... poorly. If people think its funny I might do the other 2 seasons idk.

Warning contains dark/suggestive humor, nothing explicit:
episode 1
A highschool student (Tom) plays online games in his boxer shorts and beats up a hot girl.
episode 2
Tom throws his friend’s (Kaz) toy into garbage crusher so he can remember the name of a girl he just met
episode 3
Kaz commits grand theft auto, almost runs over his friend, then totals the vehicle.
episode 4
Takinom kills her friends so she can prove to a turtle that living underground is better.
episode 5
After attempting to break into a home, Tom is assaulted then replicates the end of wickerman.
episode 6
Tom learns not to make deals with goblins after being ripped off.
episode 7
The gang break Sarah out of prison, but soon Peyton is arrested too.
episode 8
Tom becomes sad after he gets stuck in a routine of visiting the same place over and over.
episode 9
Rich boy bribes tom into playing high stakes gambling, he loses everything.
episode 10
Tom’s hero uses him to perform a dangerous heist for a map, then just burns it.
episode 11
Kaz gets involved with a power struggle between conquerors, contributes nothing.
episode 12
Catgirl protects her passage from men.
episode 13
Codemaster tells tom good cards aren’t important then beats him by using one overpowered card.
episode 14
Kaz learns that being short or stupid means you’re half as good as everyone else.
episode 15
Tom finally overcomes his racism against sand dwellers.
episode 16
Kaz c*ck blocks tom during a card game to convince him to play more card games.
episode 17
Peyton finds a sick cat in the cold, just leaves it there.
episode 18
The gang learns that the best time to scan a creature is right before they murder their whole village
episode 19
Tom’s hero gets scared by a dog and crushes it with rocks.
episode 20
3 buff men fight to see who gets maxxor’s power inside them.
episode 21
A Capitalist decides to let kaz risk his life in a glacier for trading cards.
episode 22
The best chaotic players lose twice to a player who uses song of embernova.
episode 23
Mad scientist can make any creature he wants, chooses to make ettala
episode 24
Tom decides to play against one of the strongest players without reading his cards.
episode 25
Tom fights an immortal caveman and finally destroys him.
episode 26
Kaz discovers that his friends only care about his looks
episode 27
Peyton undermines the integrity the competitive game by staging a fake loss
episode 28
Kaz and peyton’s robbery attempt is foiled when another crew gets to the loot at the same time.
episode 29
Kaz has intense dreams about his science teacher.
episode 30
The gang finds three corpses and takes their valuables
episode 31
Peyton suffers from a crippling food addiction, the gang ignores him to watch kaz play.
episode 32
Petyon and tom lose a chaotic match to green gelatin
episode 33
Petyon trades kaz into slave labor in the underworld.
episode 34
Sarah manipulates peyton into getting heat dementia and talking to a cactus.
episode 35
Tom and kaz double team a goth girl and her friend
episode 36
Tom and kaz learn the values of slavery
episode 37
Kaz tempts Tom to embrace his dark side.
episode 38
Sarah tries to take too many photos of the queen, angers her guards.
episode 39
Tom stalks an old man, then helps him in exchange for pics.
episode 40
Tom and kaz finally do what the fans have been wanting them to do together, but tom is dirtier than expected

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chaotic episode summarys (done poorly) Empty Re: chaotic episode summarys (done poorly)

Post by King A-Game Darini on Fri Jun 21, 2019 1:25 am

I LOVE these lol

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chaotic episode summarys (done poorly) Empty Re: chaotic episode summarys (done poorly)

Post by magesofthebeach on Fri Apr 03, 2020 7:49 pm

A blessing upon the community

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chaotic episode summarys (done poorly) Empty Re: chaotic episode summarys (done poorly)

Post by Sponsored content

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