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King A-Game Darini
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    Gone chaotic 5

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Gone chaotic 5

    Post by Chiodosin1 Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:24 am

    Gone chaotic 5 U2JTkC2

    Wow hard to believe it's been 4 year since I first did gone chaotic, Time sure does fly, well I’m back here to make some more weird/silly/outside the box cards but I put a new spin on it for fun. As the title suggests every single card has B@ll in the name as well as a ball in the art. Why? Because yes. Since these cards can be a bit wacky and I don’t always have the space on the card to really explain what's going on I decided to put in some helpful rules corners if you’d like to use these cards for fun.

    Rules corner: B@ll is not the same thing as ball, cards with b@ll in the name are not considered to be ball cards.

    Alrighty let’s get this show on the road then shall we?

    Gone chaotic 5 HGXrpQy
    Gone chaotic 5 WG1rtxo
    Gone chaotic 5 FVisxd1
    Gone chaotic 5 N8RxqL3

    Rules corner: Don't forget to apply effects in the order they are on the card.

    Gone chaotic 5 97LHPKt
    Gone chaotic 5 RyJE8yC
    Gone chaotic 5 IBakZqv
    Gone chaotic 5 KVMdy9n
    Gone chaotic 5 SOu4yjN

    Rules corner: you can choose what to prop the card up with but it must be standing up without you holding it, Use the honor system for what counts as interfering with the card or table.

    Gone chaotic 5 9Dtw2LF
    Gone chaotic 5 T3HlzAY
    Gone chaotic 5 IAtwYBN
    Gone chaotic 5 HNLabxB
    Gone chaotic 5 DPF62lD
    Gone chaotic 5 ZArk961
    Gone chaotic 5 3R6HVWH

    Rules corner: Any card that effects the targets of both "mugic and abilities" including untargetale also effect Power ball, card that only effect the targets of mugic or only effect the target of abilities don't effect power ball.

    Gone chaotic 5 WwHYfQM
    Gone chaotic 5 4CPBeDE
    Gone chaotic 5 G50KCzN
    Gone chaotic 5 OF7wyjk
    Gone chaotic 5 Zwvu5ZP
    Gone chaotic 5 I3zJuMV
    Gone chaotic 5 NdWdY9h

    Rules corner: For bouncy cards, Your opponent now controls the card and it is treated like any other attack they control until it is played again. The card will not change control if they are put into a discard pile without resolving. ex. being discarded.

    Gone chaotic 5 MU8dTWS
    Gone chaotic 5 2LoYS91
    Gone chaotic 5 UCtjhzp
    Gone chaotic 5 HSSuJGS
    Gone chaotic 5 IkYF3Wn
    Gone chaotic 5 07WWCju
    Gone chaotic 5 L5AYdHY
    Gone chaotic 5 Gb3ENZJ
    Gone chaotic 5 ATBNvsv
    Rules corner: Each tribe in this set has its own special mechanic, the overworld one is "B@llsistence" this is an activated ability with the following effect "0MC: Choose an attack you control, this Creature becomes the one playing that attack, play this ability only if this Creature is adjacent to your engaged Creature and only once each turn." so it allows your unengaged Creatures to play attacks for your engaged Creature, you must choose an attack on the burst, the Creature using B@llistence does not become engaged at any point, anything that refers to "your engaged Creature" still effects the Creature in combat, not the creature using B@llsistence. Only one Creature can be playing an attack at any given time, so using 2 B@llistence abilities on one attack won't do you much good. However you can spread them out over multiple attacks to get multiple bonuses.

    Gone chaotic 5 OFSds4I
    Gone chaotic 5 Lp5UgW2
    Gone chaotic 5 MddNIeN
    Gone chaotic 5 4Ackfj2
    Gone chaotic 5 LuUA2nT
    Gone chaotic 5 LXXG2We

    Rules corner: The card must spin at once rotation. Spin the card before putting it on the burst, if you spin to a side without a legal target, respin the card.

    Gone chaotic 5 YKpMj1m
    Rules corner: The Underworld set mechanic is Dark B@llgan. Its an innate ability. As a Creature with Dark B@llgan becomes engaged, you may choose to invoke the Dark B@llgan, this does not use the burst. If you do it has the Black text under Dark B@llgan for this combat. While engaged in any other combat afterwards, it has the red text. You cannot invoke a Dark B@llgan on a card more than once per game. Death is no escape from a Dark B@llgan, If A creature dies or leaves the battlefield in any way the game will still rememeber that it invoked its dark B@llgan and it will use its red text. Invoking a dark B@llgan is optional but you must decide as the Creature becomes engaged and cannot change your choice after.

    Gone chaotic 5 FHloC2D
    Gone chaotic 5 HiowNVy
    Gone chaotic 5 DkP7dGY
    Gone chaotic 5 ALk0Pu6
    Gone chaotic 5 XHc8Zd3
    Gone chaotic 5 JTkSX7W
    Gone chaotic 5 DsK7RQK
    Rules corner: The Danian Mechanic is called "CompostaB@ll". A Creature with CompostaB@ll is shuffled into its owners location deck instead of being put into the discard pile. Compostable Creatures are not considered to be locations, they are considered a card in the location deck. If a Creature with CompostaB@ll would become the active location, instead trigger its CompostaB@ll ability, then put it on the bottom of the location deck and reveal a new active location instead. CompostaB@ll abilities are triggered and use the burst. you can have chains of multiple CompostaB@ll Creatures in a row, keep flipping and triggering the abilities untill you flip a location card. If a CompostaB@ll Creature loses its abilities before dying, it goes to the discard pile like normal.

    Gone chaotic 5 7Vm9jp4
    Gone chaotic 5 Bq6vDQ5
    Gone chaotic 5 DvuKTiE
    Gone chaotic 5 Qrv2uXX
    Gone chaotic 5 3vgoPMP
    Gone chaotic 5 ZJztVTn
    Gone chaotic 5 Z3b0tCd
    Rules corner: The Mipedian Mechanic doesn't have a keyword associated with it, its just a trait of the cards, however I nicknamed it "unrecognizaB@ll" anyway the mipedian cards with this trait are double sided, they each have 3 version, the fron side is always the same, however the backside of each version is different. You choose which version you'd like to play during deckbuilding, however your opponent cannot see which version you are playing untill the card is flipped over. The cards all explain the conditions for flipping them over. You can have 2 different versions of a card in the same deck, just remember they have the same name for the rule of 2/unique.


    Gone chaotic 5 YJMQaR1
    Possible Backs

    Gone chaotic 5 5NCOzVo Gone chaotic 5 5dhDm4M Gone chaotic 5 YLDWhSa


    Gone chaotic 5 45UP5T8
    Possible Backs

    Gone chaotic 5 4n5Py9P Gone chaotic 5 Xamd491 Gone chaotic 5 JBg2wjs


    Gone chaotic 5 GsjlOus
    Possible Backs

    Gone chaotic 5 I9eq5h3 Gone chaotic 5 DqpHYla Gone chaotic 5 HMqTSly


    Gone chaotic 5 1WOBiQw
    Possible Backs

    Gone chaotic 5 96umFBF Gone chaotic 5 UHTOeAC Gone chaotic 5 O7Imjhy


    Gone chaotic 5 7OLTIKY
    Possible Backs

    Gone chaotic 5 ZI9FGi2 Gone chaotic 5 XjblAbk Gone chaotic 5 GGO3Q1s
    Gone chaotic 5 XDlD5I5
    Gone chaotic 5 HoLEBqc
    Rules corner: Only One marrillian this time around and its Aa'une! He's a 4 sided card how does that work? well like this obviously.

    Gone chaotic 5 ABy5bwf

    He's a rectangular prism so easy peasy. Aa'une can begin on any side you choose during deck setup. aa'une signature cards allow you to flip him left or right which can trigger his various abilities. here are the sides layed out

    <-Gone chaotic 5 ILsMV8f <--->Gone chaotic 5 EOjxMKG <--->Gone chaotic 5 BImsjnX <--->Gone chaotic 5 0Ix3w2G ->
    Gone chaotic 5 CRjwcjx
    Gone chaotic 5 XBoYPuE
    Gone chaotic 5 KZbb5AX
    Gone chaotic 5 5Cn1XBP
    Gone chaotic 5 2cKeaTW

    Rules corner: This card allows you to not play an attack card, you still draw an attack card but then keep it in hand (hence the 2nd effect). Then it is your opponents turn to attack.

    Gone chaotic 5 OylR7NK
    Gone chaotic 5 V9vhQBF
    Gone chaotic 5 PCNpH7A
    Gone chaotic 5 P5oDWMM
    Gone chaotic 5 SS3euXp

    Rules corner: This is the front side of the card.

    Gone chaotic 5 Pp5opgY
    Gone chaotic 5 QStlZcC Front side---------------------Back sideGone chaotic 5 AaNx7AW
    Gone chaotic 5 OVchslJ
    Gone chaotic 5 UxgKMJc
    Gone chaotic 5 UDvIVk3
    Gone chaotic 5 EdUFnUm
    Gone chaotic 5 HeLkMbz
    Gone chaotic 5 CDbGJZc
    Gone chaotic 5 AwD5Q9Q
    Gone chaotic 5 SCxthKi
    Gone chaotic 5 VkaYvrz
    Gone chaotic 5 9aeg25b
    Gone chaotic 5 HCEkuX4
    Gone chaotic 5 WJWC0qg
    Gone chaotic 5 FEvmUg8
    Gone chaotic 5 BhcvfDq
    Gone chaotic 5 79uxpXk
    Gone chaotic 5 Ct6DBUd

    Rules corner: for example you can play a squeeze play as though it were a gravel grind but then you cannot play a card as gravel grind again this turn

    Gone chaotic 5 IuuACru

    Rules corner: You must be equipped with a Battlegear to swap

    Gone chaotic 5 J7TDS7G
    Gone chaotic 5 MoPquJx
    Gone chaotic 5 Of798Ke

    Rules corner: Cards include Mugic cards, if you draw a mugic card, put it into your mugic hand instead of your attack hand, you do not get to draw again. a mugic that is discarded always goes to the general discard pile.

    Gone chaotic 5 HRuQjXD
    Gone chaotic 5 KIaHhxN
    Gone chaotic 5 QYXs0Ts
    Gone chaotic 5 YRrQrFr
    Gone chaotic 5 Z8UTQmQ
    Gone chaotic 5 4JZDPI0
    Gone chaotic 5 Y0ihwx8

    Aight cool thanks for checking these out, hope you enjoyed your stay. Feel free to leave any kinds of Questions, comments or critique if you want. In case you haven’t seen 1-4(and a half) here ya go.

    This one was also made by me thought it's pretty old so
    Gone Chaotic

    And these 3(and a half) were made by Agame
    Gone 2 Chaotic
    Gone Chaotic 3
    Gone Chaotic 4/4.5

    Thanks ya’ll!

    Uh…  You're still Reading? It's over. Go home.

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    I mean is it even w Earth Element it?

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    King A-Game Darini
    King A-Game Darini

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by King A-Game Darini Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:26 am


    Just finished it! I loved the set. Had me laughing the whole time and the mechanics were awesome. B@llin/10

    My favorites:
    all the attack name puns. I like Ballmagedon and the first ball have great effects.

    Nkasah the balletproof
    Ballsvatan the "I'm not gonna write all that"
    The comfy bed, The cymbol and mimic booby trap.
    Refrain in denial and Forgettable tune
    Can barely pick my favorite location I like so many.

    The art and edits were great, I really liked the mipedians art. I really enjoyed all and jokes. "Restrictions Breed Creativity" You'd think 1 central joke on 100 cards would get boring but it stayed funny with great new mechanics the whole way. It also stayed very balanced (at least at first look) so I guess it's pretty fitting that the first card is "Perfect B@llece".

    Gone chaotic 5 Unbirt11

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by Skopolon Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:30 am

    welp, I got second.

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by magesofthebeach Thu Apr 01, 2021 1:16 am

    Chio really do be feeding us well this year.

    Amazing set, I want to experiment with it endlessly

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by Drosera Thu Apr 01, 2021 10:58 am

    I'm supremely disappointed that the name was not "B@lling out of Control".
    Aww, b@lls don't count as "balls"... that's a little disappointing

    In all seriousness though I love it!

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by KingMaxxor4 Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:27 pm

    I agree with A-game. I had no idea that 100 cards based on ball jokes would stay fresh. But the jokes were great. I enjoyed figuring out the card name without the b@ll in the word. The art choices are really great, especially with them all containing b@lls. The flavor texts are fantastic. There's so much depth to this set. Chio you did an outstanding job, I can't imagine the amount of effort that went into this. 

    The new mechanics are great and a lot of the cards are so different than existing effects.

    Starting with Attacks, the puns/wordplay for the effects and card names are outstanding. 

    The stat check 200 0bp cards are so good. Arrthoa, Captain of the Ezoa is what comes to mind first. But then with the second effect, the fact that you win all checks and challenges for the rest of the game is so good. Including them in any deck can solidify discipline deck building!

    The Improvised cycle starts the whacky mechanics, pulling cards from outside the game haha. Playing attacks from hand like Mugic too. I like the concept that to get a chance at a better card you end up making your attack deck worse over time. I don't like that the shuffle happens before the draw though is my complaint.

    The negative challenge cycle. I'm assuming this works as long as I have at least 5 less, not exactly 5 less. 

    Fast b@ll burst dodging is nice, Foul B@ll deck thinning, Knowledgeab@ll deck information could be useful. But I like power b@ll the best since you can pick the damage target. Quick sniping. If the opposing engaged creature is untargetable it's a big rip haha. 

    Replicating B@lls continues the theme of modifying decks mid game, dagger decks rejoice lol

    S@lt balls would be such a funny tech card. But before its worth it I'd have to be so salty

    Nice even more deck modification from attacks. I like the bouncy b@lls, since the opposing player will still get decent damage when they're stuck with them. I guess both players will have to use the same card sleeves lol

    Interesting having the 3bp attack 2 element cycle start at the bottom portion of the attack deck. I like soot b@lls shuffling cards into your opponents deck, punish them with more 0bps haha
    Muck B@lls feels a bit weak compared to the other 3 though. 

    I like the 1st... Final B@ll attack. Be a strategic attack to save the final b@ll for a tough combat. But it takes time to get to it. 

    B@llmeggeddon, its funny I just saw someone do a similar effect. I really like the concept of it closing the burst. Good conditional, incentivizes 4 element builds. Heptadd rejoices

    Now Creatures, each tribe having a new mechanic is exciting me!
    The OverWorld's mechanic allowing you to change up attacks can allow some fun counterplay.

    I'm thinking Phraan might be too strong, but at least it's loyal. 
    I'm a bit confused with Sarletha, does she gain the ability of the card she's pointing to? Also if that's the case, with B@llistence, does that let her use multiple in a turn (since each ability should be its own once per turn)?

    Bringing back Raimiusa (well not back since he's dead? lol) I like this starting the game dead haha. Castle Mommark Turbo!

    Underworld is interesting, another pay the price of power later mechanic. The b@llgan is absolute, even revived creatures are still bound!

    Yes more gambling in chaotic. Gozrol upping the anti by using dice. No more of those 50% coin flips gotta go for 15% kek I do like that most of the effects are positive/neutral though. 

    Stelgar's actually growing, first out of the card's art box, then out of his space. I do find it flavorful that despite its "uncontrollab@ll" nature, you can keep it in its "tank" to stall growth (by leaving spaces next to it occupied). 

    Danians, taking compost to a whole new meaning. I like that it's the traditional concept of compost, (becoming dirt, aka becoming a location). This set is full of deck modifiers. 

    I like Oveben boost being based on how "good" the opposing engaged creature is. That's a nice form of scaling. 

    Rohgaya is good incentive for infection outside of Fliander. I think Nimwie would like a lot.

    Mozrech: Dormammu I've come to bargain. Oh wait, wrong marvel character. 

    Ooh Erro making those attacks synergy. Works great with both the 0s that get shuffled in from out of game and including the bouncing b@lls, as well as the Replicating b@lls. 

    Wow the Mipedians really put a run for your money with unrecognizab@ll. Having 3x the amount of cards to design. 

    Ah yes, a better Blazvatan scan, but incredibly difficult to deal with. This is the worst type of recklessness lol. 

    Four sided Aa'une! Now I understand what B@lligarch's Rage was referring to. I can finally get green Aa'une chroma art though. I like the idea of the different disciplines. Also strategic to decide where to start the game and getting a flip off for the effects. Also Aa'une gets the stat check 200s! hehe

    Ah nice segue. Starting out with Aa'une support. The B@llton makes things tricky with flipping for disciplines, but its nice to get an on flip effect each combat. 

    Comfy bed is probably broken strong, but the flavor is great. That flavor text though is too real lol

    I like the tribal battlegear sacrifice cycle. All made specifically for their new mechancis.
    Recharge B@lltery is cool. Arbeid likes it too.

    Oh wow what a prank card, B@llby Trap. At first I didn't realize what it was until the rules card.

    B@llrons of Indifference is such fun anti-burn tech. As for the ruling, does it save you the initial attack's damage? And then you die the next attack?

    Bad Pointless B@llable. You got me, all the way until the last line

    Nice even more support for the new card mechanics!

    B@llad of Union works for B@llistence, but also I like for Porthyn. 

    Yes B@llad of the void is a great card. Especially with Dark B@llgan. Too bad it also takes away flavor text Frown

    Dampening B@lltz, joke on you Sink Scream already does 0!

    With Orginb@ll Melody, Fortisimo will see play. A new era has begun. 

    Alphab@lltical Library, the bane of my existence. 

    B@llk-up Gym, ah yes a use for all my Zoth commons lol

    Mugical Lab@lltory is really fun. Its like side decking the card. 

    Same with Neb@llus Dunes. I like being able to swap out attacks. That was a fun mechanic in the 105 being able to use cycles. But now this applies to anything of same BP. Glad the restriction prevents abuse.

    Khybon's Overb@ll, great at locals haha

    Invisib@ll Castle in fire air mipedians perfect.

    Thanks B@lligan River, haha I get to shuffle Mugic into my attack deck. 

    Fivarth teaching me that bad cards are good. Every 6ow special's dream.

    Where's Mr. Fezz? Did I find him all?
    B@llk-up Gym
    Neb@llus Dunes
    B@lligan River
    Fivarth Community B@llege
    Enb@llmer's Tomb

    In Conclusion, my favorites:
    The First B@ll
    Raimusa, Dead and B@llried
    Stelgar, Uncontrollab@ll Growth
    Aa'une the B@lligarch (and supporting cards)
    Forgetab@ll Tune
    B@lligan River

    Thanks for the cake A-game  

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by Kool-Aid Fri Apr 02, 2021 2:56 pm

    Yeah same thing has King said, don't have really much to say special other then what he said. I would say that the jokes aren't as polished has previous set. The set is more on the serious side but I really like it.

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by bobosmith01 Sat Apr 03, 2021 1:25 pm

    Gone chaotic 5 Kou-lo10

    nice job
    Oracle Afjak
    Oracle Afjak

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by Oracle Afjak Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:05 pm

    Gone chaotic 5 6YmWX1d

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    Gone chaotic 5 Oraclesig2_zpsj8k4ms14

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by Blitser Mon Apr 05, 2021 1:43 am

    I was giving you live feedback on the set as I went through it, so I'll keep things short and sweet here.

    Raimusa's gotta be my favourite, but there's a ton of gems here. Shoutouts to "Out of Control B@llgy", "B@llby Trap", "Forgetab@ll Tune", "Originb@ll Melody", "B@llazvatan the Epic Stupendous Amazing Immense Tremendous Lofty Impressive Great Sublime Excellent Humongous Fantastic Awesome Terrific Exceptional Colossal Divine Glorious Sensational Formidable Superior Marvelous Commanding Wonderful Mind-Blowing Daunting Overwhelming Majestic Stunning Imposing Awe-Inspiring Fearsome Magnificent Exalted Powerful Dominant Dynamic Almighty Supreme Potent Distinguished Exquisite Peerless Outstanding Invaluable Top-Notch Transcendent Estimable Phenomenal Unimaginable Remarkable Celestial Wonderous Deific Unearthly Splendid Fabulous Superb Miraculous Wondrous Grandios Preeminent Grand Lavish Towering Illustrious Prestigious August Monumental Warbeast", Erro + their cycle of attacks, and Stelgar. Chaotic

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by Metal Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:58 am

    Gone chaotic 5 MV5BMjA3MDQ1Mzc4N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODI0NTc0MQ

    Chaotic Username : Jovinater
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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by Jovinater Tue Apr 27, 2021 1:42 am

    I don’t know how u managed to name every single card with b@ll but it is... beautiful. I would list my faves but there are way too many to count, although the four sided prism of Aa’une is hella creative.

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    Gone chaotic 5 Empty Re: Gone chaotic 5

    Post by Sponsored content

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