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    What are "controlled" creatures and tribies?


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    What are "controlled" creatures and tribies? Empty What are "controlled" creatures and tribies?

    Post by andy872 on Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:10 pm

    Now i know this may sound like a dumb question at first (or it just may be it is a dumb question lol) but i know controlled creatures and tribes are the ones you use in your deck, but i was wondering if "controlled" also counts creatures in my discard? i ask this because of the Nivenna and Aivenna Lieutenant cards because the text for nivenna says [2mc] deal 5 damage for each tribe you control. If you only control nivenna and aivenna, you pay [1mc] instead. now if control means only cards that are "alive" then her ability would be rendered basically useless, but if they are still controlled then her secondary effect would make no sense either? im confused, could anyone help lol.

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    What are "controlled" creatures and tribies? Empty Re: What are "controlled" creatures and tribies?

    Post by CSpacian on Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:06 pm

    'Controlled' specifically means Creatures that are alive. Best example (I can think of) is with Khritlaan (link below). As you can see with his ability he specifically makes Creatures in your Discard Pile count as Creatures you control. So the two are usually treated separately, unless a Creature like Khritlaan enters the picture.

    In summary? Nivenna's ability isn't the greatest. With the maximum 5 tribes you can inflict a lot of damage still. With Mipedian's Balladeer's Flute you can give her four Mugicians which totals 50 damage. I've also seen people use her with Dibanni as well to get another blast off with her ability to total 75 damage in one turn without using Mugic. But she's very situational.

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