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    Web comics

    Post by King A-Game Darini on Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:41 am

    These are just some comics that I've found and I really enjoy. Some are very exclusive as in they're only on one site so they don't really get the exposure they deserve. As you go down this list I'd like for you to click the links provided and read the first chapters (or pages for some) and if you like it then just keep going.  I'll try and add genres and summary's.


    Conquest of the Goblin King!

    Goblin King Splick's quest to be the goblin ruler of Atranu. Art is very fun,story is hilarious and engaging and The main protagonist is great.

    A little edit I did. The story is not related to Magic the gathering.

    Scrap and Topheavy

    A Lovable hero named Sir Top Heavy and his silent lovable partner Scrap. A Story inspired by this art piece.

    Pepper and Carrot

    A sweet young witch named Pepper and her kitty Carrot. Very light easy going cute story. The artwork is the major draw here! (lol get it)

    I hate FAIRYLAND

    This follows the story of a girl named Gertrude and her Guide to get out of fairyland. This comic has a TON of gore in it. If you aren't into that kind of thing still give it a look as it's quite funny and it's kinda mild gore really. Don't let this summary put you off. Art is great and the story is just as good.

    Apocalyptic/End of the world

    Gone with a Blastwave

    Follows the story of 2 guys in the Red army just screwing around looking for a way out of this Destroyed by Nuclear fallout city.It's comedy on every page. Darker Humor.


    It's a hard life
    A pokemon Nuzloke challenge (says what that it is on the home page) about a Girl named Robin and her run from the law and Coping with the loss of her friends while enjoying the ones who remains company throughout. Very great comic once you get into a few of the later chapters but I was hooked from the beginning. It's a sadder story. Love the use of water color's and the art has only improved over the years.

    Follows the story of reluctant Trainer Brent with his Charmander Dragonthing and a girl named George. Art is amazing although not colored besides the title pages. It's not a huge drawback. Awesome take on the pokemon story and a fun read.

    Short Stories and Unfinished

    My Hero

    Super short easy and fun read. Doesn't need explaining really.

    Now although some of the story's above are not finished either those are still ongoing however this one AMAZING as it is. Is currently not for some sad strange reason.

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