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    List of all Meek Creatures

    King A-Game Darini
    King A-Game Darini

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    List of all Meek Creatures Empty List of all Meek Creatures

    Post by King A-Game Darini on Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:43 pm

    If a creature has (A) by their name it means they hit Meek's Apex. The apex is when their LOWEST scanned energy is at 30,barely hitting the mark for it. This is great for many creatures cause 40 energy is decent enough spot to be passable in play with a bit of assistance. A (B) by their name means their MAX doesnt hit 30. Most cases it doesnt matter..

    This list will also include a bit of strategy with notable creatures and list their elelements (at least the ones i remember..should of wrote them down, will edit later i might get some mugic numbers wrong or wont list..)


    Afjak ,water 2mc, can be sacraficed before death.
    Akkrean (A) 2mc and air.
    Bodal,flame drill researcher ,1mc (abusable with gear)
    Ettala (A)
    Frafdo (A) good stats
    Gespedan (A) 1mc good speed and swift
    Grindaald, (A) 2 or 3 mc
    Hune canin (A) 1 or 2 mc and fire
    Hune marquad
    ^brainwashed scholar (A), minion
    Ikkatosh The Aich King,KING OF MEEK CREATURES
    Karraba (A) 3mc very very strong healing
    Korg (A) 1 or 2 mc,decent heal
    Laarina, water and earth with 2mc.
    Lystone, 2 or 3mc fun discipilne abbility minion
    Mommark, 3mc really good heal.
    Najarin 2mc pair with ikkatosh,GoN x2 for more meek.
    Najarin Fluidmorphers foe... just reallly really great.
    Najarin,Younger can get meek back.
    (I think HM is on the list as (A) but tco says otherwise..)
    Prantix 1mc fire and earth
    Tangath toborn 1mc fire and earth but also heal 10..
    Vidav (budget mommark) (A)
    Wrenges (A) decent heal,minion
    Xaerv (air and air 5 plus 1mc) elementalist

    Agitos,EM, 2mc fun abbility (A)
    Asadab (A) 2mc and water/minion
    Blaxxa fun abbility mught have an mc..
    Gambreor (A) 2 mc and i think has fire
    Ghul (A) fire
    Kopond (B) 3mc
    Koppnd HM,fire.. 2mc
    Nivenna 3mc sweet abbility
    Nivenna UL (A)
    Opto 1mc useless in meek
    Seeryn 2mc fire,gives fire
    Skithia (A) 1mc fire and fire 5
    Gothos spy 2mc fire and earth,decent abbility (A)
    Slufurah,TT fire..dont use unless you really wanna
    Stelgar Vicious mutation. I think (B) but LOL and water
    Uksum (B) LOL fire crazy abbility fun with dread tread/shards, minion one of the best meek targets.
    Ulmar 2mc i think has fire
    ^ Wavscambler..meh

    Abinwor earth
    Bylkian (a) 2mc and royal.. minion.
    Dakkamal,MT 2mc and fire i think .minion
    Dibanni 2mc can be a fun abbility
    Evverim(A)1mcair and can gain earth or other way around,minion
    Enre-hep HM,2mc,air funnnn
    Jorre,ML (A)
    Lanker (A) fun support better outside of meek
    Munnari i think 1mc air and disarm
    Na-inna rebel (A) better out of meek, minion
    Qwun (A) surprise and i think air
    Ranun (A) mipedian mommark fun with rivita flower like all the meek conjuors
    Siado, fire and surprise
    Sobjek. 1mc not too great can be used like afjak
    Ubliqun (A) 2mc and can attack anyone anywhere! Fun
    Vinta earth maybe 1mc? and strike 10
    Zhade, air and surprise pretty sure.

    This list is gonna have a lot wrong.. i dont normally use meek danainas cause a lot are terrible.

    Aimukk (A)
    Dubin can gain mc i think has 2
    Glapaal (A)
    Gorram,DG elementalist
    Kaplor (A) tied for best meek danian!
    Lobanne (A) super fun abbility to play with. Try dibanni
    Lore and Lore HM(A) The three way tie with kaplor! Give them a husk armor. Lore can heal and deal while high muge can play meek for a 3rd or 4th time ..cant go wrong!
    Makrabon (A)
    Necrabe (A) decent and gets mc easily
    Odu-bathaxe pretty good fighter has earth
    Rebant minion thats basically danian mommark
    Tassanil high elementalist! Cant go wrong with this guy! Use him.
    Vilrik landfarer (A) 2 mc very strong!

    Mock'adyn (A)
    ^ Fluid Master (A) not fluidmorph,elementalist though
    Siril'lean, The song theif (i think B..)

    All meek fluidmorphs are Gods at Mipedian Dew Farm! All of these marrilains are excelent meek targets.

    Kiru city tunnels, Lore's chamber of recall, castle bodrahn,lake ken-I-Po are all very standard meek locations.

    Imaginary walls works as a tunnels with Marrilians and minions! Bladez (not BW) works at tunnels! So keep in mind with uksum or whoever. Dont use lores chamber with Lore High muge weird i know.

    Castle rathwaq and Portcullis work if you can make the stats work.

    Solid battle gear that work with meek are Khrall husk armor and gigantropher.

    Strike of the meek and Mugic reprise often find homes in these decks as well as bodal's dagger. Porthyn is seen in many meek decks to stop burn mugic. I also like phobia plates on him with garv to help with gear.

    Comment below if this helped you in anyway and share your favorite meek plans! I perssonally like to use grantakes stance with the mipedian part of it.

    I believe Quadore is meek as well. 2mc with air. Tco says she isnt but I'm positive she is.

    Tco also says Aerbeid and Nunk'worn assmilated are neek but im also sure they are infact NOT.

    Honerable mention.. this is the ONLY way to use Fivarth okay and its actually kinda decent. Give a fivarth a Gigantropher. Fivarth by himself isn't meek because it cant be played. However gigantropher rips out untargetable. Meanning hes actually a really great meek target because they cant burn him before gigantropher goes off.

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    List of all Meek Creatures Empty Re: List of all Meek Creatures

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:43 pm

    I like it

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