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    Post by Marrillian on Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:36 pm

    OP-Ultra Rare-Creature

    Overworld Strategist Warrior
    Mugic Ability-2
    Stats (max)
    65, 75, 115, 60, 65

    Support: Courage 15
    If Forever is sent to the discard. Sacrifice a creature and place Forever on that creature's space with any Mugic Counters and battlegear he had when destroyed. All the sacrificed creature's Mugic Counters and battle gear are placed and attached to Forever.
    One MC: For each time Forever is brought back using his ability, gain a element. You may choose to target the same element, if you do, Forever gains element 5 of that element.

    Flavor Text:
    I live near the end - the first into battle, but the last to die...

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