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    Najarin (Orignal) Useless?


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    Najarin (Orignal) Useless?  Empty Najarin (Orignal) Useless?

    Post by lilsnoop on Fri Dec 25, 2015 4:34 am

    Anyone think this?
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    Najarin (Orignal) Useless?  Empty Re: Najarin (Orignal) Useless?

    Post by lazerbem on Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:30 am

    Yes. You might as well use Mugic Reprise instead

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    Najarin (Orignal) Useless?  Xel-lotath-o
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    Najarin (Orignal) Useless?  Empty Re: Najarin (Orignal) Useless?

    Post by Oracle Afjak on Fri Dec 25, 2015 9:53 pm

    Well, not quite "useless".

    Let's say you have a selection of Mugic—one Reprise and five others. When you cast Reprise, that bit of recursion loses you a card in hand to regain another from the discard; this results in an even trade, or card parity.
    The two complications of using Reprise are that a. you're effectively reducing your hand size to only five Mugic (and subtracting two Mugic counters from your army), and b. the recursion may not be necessary with a hand built on redundancy, especially of non-Unique Mugic.

    With Najarin, however, you can play his ability to recur targets with no loss to your hand size. Regaining cards from the bin without having to (indirectly) reduce your hand size to five Mugic results in card advantage. What's more, Najarin can be reloaded with Flutes and Chimegrids and such, so he can gain you more card advantage as long as he has gas.
    The glaring weakness? While Najarin does give you a full hand to work with and is potentially repeatable, he ends up taking up one very important spot in your deck: a Creature slot. So while he may provide card advantage to your hand, he might prove a tactical liability on the board. His fragility doesn't exactly help his case here.

    Card advantage in Chaotic is a lot harder to gauge than in other games (see: Raigeki, Pot of Greed), but Najarin is possibly the only true source of Mugic recursion that results in "advantage". I wouldn't call him "useless" as much as I would a "build around". He seems better placed in decks that can make combos that work his ability repeatably, though even if a deck can only get him off once or twice, he's far from a bad choice.

    TL;DR — He's not the best, but certainly not bad either. Most card just have their uses.

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    Najarin (Orignal) Useless?  Oraclesig2_zpsj8k4ms14
    King A-Game Darini
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    Najarin (Orignal) Useless?  Empty Re: Najarin (Orignal) Useless?

    Post by King A-Game Darini on Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:49 am

    You just have to know how to use him. He could be very useful in his specific deck type.

    Remember like Afjak said it's not like using mugic reprise or Najarin. this ability can keep being used without losing other mugic and unlike Castle Bodrhan. it doesn't bring back the opponents.

    The trick is to have 2 Na-inna's,2 innerfloods and 2 Fluidmorphs(or Clodor) (yes thats like a whole deck and you'd probably need a defender but hear me out) You COULD just use 1 Na-inna and or 1 fluidmorph but for full effect it's 2.

    Fluidmorphs are your fighters and Mugic pumps,Na-inna and Inner flood are your Mugic counter transfer. My mugic of choice was Fighters fanfare and Melody of mirage were my mugic of choice but this could be done with almost any Mugic. so Yeah if You really wanted you could have 2 Deadwater Devestation's and a Unheard Melody. The same can be done with Kopond
    (zoth or ss I forget the set) Load him up with a ton of mugic counters and Fire away! or Karraba or whoever you want really. Fluidmorhs gear doesn't matter much. I used Lam'inkal for my fluidmorphs.and would give a na-inna bi-mower.
    (Lam'inkal has decent stats 65 e,air and water to make use of twister of the elements, and has swift 2 to pair with that bi-mower.)

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    Najarin (Orignal) Useless?  Empty Re: Najarin (Orignal) Useless?

    Post by ziro207 on Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:36 am

    I actually had a strategy like Darini's except it was recurring Swartbron Battlesong!

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    Najarin (Orignal) Useless?  Empty Re: Najarin (Orignal) Useless?

    Post by rebelpilotJYZ on Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:16 pm

    I actually consider it to be superior option to Mugic Reprise back in the day.

    For Mugic Reprise, you are likely using up all the Mugicians of one of your Overworlders and you are reducing your Mugic Cards by 1. For Najarin, as long as you have 7 Mugicians among your other creatures you can still use make use of his ability, and play your 6 Mugics.

    Nevertheless, it is still probably better stock pile up on creatures with healing abilities such Vidav and Donmar. Back in Dawn of Perim, creatures like Blazier, Yokkis, Xaerv, Zalic, and Laarina were used more as a source of Mugic Counters rather than using their abilities. Even if you don't plan on using his ability, he is still a good Mugic source. I also think his ability is superior to Blazier or Zalic's ability.

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    Najarin (Orignal) Useless?  Empty Re: Najarin (Orignal) Useless?

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