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    Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une


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    Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une Empty Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une

    Post by CSpacian on Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:19 pm

    Another week, another Ultra Rare.

    Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une 29_176394
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    I always enjoyed the idea of double-sided cards and I think Chaotic is the only TCG to ever use the mechanic, but Aa'une was just over-the-top difficult in my opinion to flip it. I'd rather have it weakened and have it easier to flip.
    If you agree or disagree offer up your reasons or even what you think it should've been nerfed to.
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    Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une Empty Re: Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:10 pm

    Mtg has 2 sided cards and so do a few other games. so aa'une isn't unique in that regard but he did give us something unseen in chaotic before. A win condition. Basically a card effect that either wins you the game or is so powerful that its very unlikely your opponent needs a miracle. 

    Aa'une should only be played in 1 way really. As a win condition. if you play Aa'une your playing to flip him first and foremost. if you fail you may adopt a different strategy but Aa'une always comes first. you don't just splash Aa'une in your deck for fun since he doesn't do anything unless he's flipped.

    When building an Aa'une deck you got to deal with alot of things 1 you need to get at least 4 mc to cast calling of Aa'une. while olligarchs path can help FM are basically a necessity how many varies on the type of deck usually between 2-4. the mugic can also just be negated usally by other mugic so counter negate isn't a bad option. sirilean, candence clash or denial refrain of the deep work pretty well. 

    next is the baton of Aa'une it gives Aa'une water 5 and 5 energy nothing special but its not useless or anything. in order to use calling of aaune you need to keep him equipped with the baton so if gets destroyed or flipped your outa luck. there are marrilians and locations to help like the coralsmith and the shardcrafters workshop. but using some of that denial also works well. bodal's arsenal can also work to get back the baton if it gets smashed. with the baton and fluid morphers water attacks seem ideal which is weird that aaune has out preform all stat 20 since stats take a back seat to water in his decks usually 
    rage of aaune is the final peice of the puzzle aa'une needs to play it in combat to cast the mugic however he only needs to play rage it can be negated or reduced to 0 so the only real trouble is waiting to get it in your hand. this is why defenders are key. taking time to build up FM and sift your attacks is big in an Aa'une deck so a couple khralls or some other defenders are probably a smart move to buy some time.

    locations should probably all be Aa'une boosters in some way or form since he needs to win the combat to use the mugic so every advantage helps. other mugic you have should also be there to help aa'une win combat anyway you can.

    and that's Aa'une in a nutshell

    weakness include: gear meddling, mugic meddling, getting attacked too early or in a bad location, really strong fighters, najarin FF, tarterek psi, a dozen things I'm not thinking of, and bad luck

    but win conditions should be hard so they don't get abused and if you have won with Aa'une you know its a blast

    edit: just read the your question. nah Aa'une as a super ultimate insta-win is what makes him unique and awesome. anything less wouldn't be nearly as fun.

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    Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une Empty Re: Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une

    Post by KingMaxxor4 on Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:14 pm

    And then Tarterek Psi Overloader. Cause you know fair

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    Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une Empty Re: Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une

    Post by CSpacian on Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:08 am

    Just the amount of support and a little bit of luck to get Rage of Aa'une in your hand is a lot to ask.
    Burn damage makes easy work of a deck built around to protect him as he can't hold Weightless Energy Vessel as he needs the Baton unless you want to try and run Armament Adagio or similar weird effects.
    Combine that with the need for Defenders who can buy you time, the need for Creatures who can buff him up where he can win a single turn of combat and you have a Creature that is a massive support suck. I suppose I just very rarely ever see him used and when I do I very rarely see him become an avatar.
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    Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une Empty Re: Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une

    Post by King A-Game Darini on Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:30 pm

    The Thing with Aa'unexpected is that he's so rediculously hard to flip and is still beatable. At least I've beaten him before.. I've played about 20+ Aa'unexpected decks in my hundreds of games over the years. I've seen him flipped 3 times and once I was asked to help flip him beforehand. One of the times I beat The Avatar Form. It must of been one of my neekwin,Iflar,or Headmaster,sota decks... Probably double neekwin... Or maybe I used Master Control. Anyways I beat it after it flipped so all that work and..boom I beat him then crushed the rest.

    A good strategy to win with Aa'une.

    Step 1: How Aa'une will win.
    Psinoic/Nourishing Combo. If the Nourishing (magmon is a good bet) isn't enough just Psionic. Denial Refrain of the Deep,callng of aunne. Rest just depend. You can also use Unheard Melody.

    Step 2:Defender
    A tribal kh'rally is your best bet with The Chief defending Shard.

    Step 3:Gear protection
    The Coralsmith(could use tidal crest shard) Shard crafters workshop x2 and bodal arsenal x2.

    Step 4:Mugic protection
    Denial Refrain of the Deep,Candence Clash ,Sirlean.

    Step 5:Fuidmorph.
    Sirlean with a tuning fork and a minion like Tartareck Psi or Alzadan(could use his ability for aaune to win) can give you a wide variety of mugic.

    Step 6: Winning. The downside to needing to use all this mugic to flip him is his ability needs mugic to cast it. Some good protection is imaginary walls and some good mugic revival would be Castle Bodrhan but it brings back opposing mugic.

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    Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une Empty Re: Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une

    Post by lazerbem on Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:47 pm

    Aa'une is kind of like the Exodia of Chaotic. Except he's less consistent, he is possible to beat, and stalling is a bit harder.

    That being said, I still love the card for the times when you can play the strategy perfectly and start Ghost Gouge-ing your enemies to death.

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    Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une Empty Re: Card of the Week 5: Aa'Une

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