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    some fan cards I made

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    some fan cards I made

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Thu Sep 17, 2015 12:10 am

    I made some fan card ideas I figured I'd show em to you guys. These are all, of course, powerful cards since making hypothetical commons is a lot less fun haha. I only did creatures for now cause I wanted to save other cards for another time. I did however try to make these cards balanaced (for supers/ultras) if you have an ideas for tweaks let me know

    a new Lord van bloot was suposed to be in the next set as the ultra rare underworlder. I wanted mine to be fear themed strong but not quite as OP as SoA

    Lord Van Bloot: Master of fear
    underworld conqueror warrior
    expend earth while engaged: opposing engaged creature loses 50 courage
    outpreform courage 5
    creatures engaged with lord van bloot that have 0 courage lose 10 energy and deal 5 less attack damage
    energy: 55-65
    elements: earth
    mugic counters: 1
    next up is a borth-majar idea I already talked about once. basically I wanted to take more advantage of the 2 creature thing than the original card

    Borth-majar: The inseparable
    underworld commander
    outpreform wisdom 5
    outpreform power 5
    2 mugic counters: when target attack played by Borth-Majar resolves, if Borth-Majar is still engaged you may draw an attack card and play another attack card (as if it was your turn to attack)
    loyal unique
    mugic counters: 2

    next up we have the imfamous theb-saar by far the trickest for me to design. I wanted him to a strong strike deck creature worthy of his title. I'm not too sure about him, opinions welcome

    Theb-saar: the mipedian king
    mipedian royal warrior
    invisibility: disarm
    Theb-saar has an additional invisibility strike 5 for each other mipedian you control with invisibility
    Theb-saar’s invisibility cannot be negated Theb-saar’s invisibility effects other creatures with invisibility
    Unique, Loyal
    courage 35-55
    power 40-60
    wisdom 60- 80
    speed 90-110
    energy 55-65
    elements: fire and air
    mugic: 1

    next is Og a creature from codemaster hottec's team that when defeated revived all hottecs creature at once with 5 energy each I tried to find a way to replicate that in the game without being OP

    past overworld muge
    when og loses combat the opposing engaged creature takes 10 damage for each creature besides og in your discard pile
    courage 20-40
    power 20-40
    wisdom 20-40
    speed 20-40
    energy 25-35
    mugic 0
    elements: water

    last but not least is my most interesting creation the second double sided card of all time its... Tangeth toborn in spirit form very hard to get this whole card right but I think I found a balance of accuracy and functionality. side 1 repesents him sort of trapped in the wave while side 2 is him in spirit form obviously I figure other spirit creatures would be similar with bad normal effects that limit them and then become decent fighters with that godly reduce all damage by 10 effect for a single turn

    side 1
    Tangath toborn: lost hero
    overworld hero warrior
    Tangath toborn can’t move
    attacks played by tangath toborn deal 5 less damage
    sacrifice battlegear equipped to tangath toborn: flip tangath toborn
    Tangath Toborn begins the game with this side up
    courage 45-65
    power 55-75
    wisdom 65-85
    speed 0-20
    energy 50-60
    elements fire water
    mugic 0

    side 2
    Tangeth Tobron: spirit of leadership
    overworld spirit hero warrior
    Tangath toborn takes 10 less damage from any attacks, mugic or abilitys played by a non-spirit creature
    At the end of any turn remove tangath toborn from play, this ability may not be negated
    courage 45-65
    power 75-95
    wisdom 65-85
    speed 20-40
    energy 50-60
    elements fire water
    mugic 0

    That's all folks

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    Whoa  Water Element you doing?
    You need to  Air Element out.
    Just because you were  Fire Element d doesn't mean you get to be mean.
    I mean is it even w Earth Element it?

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