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    Post by thedomfou on Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:40 pm

    Hi guys!
    I recentlty work on the deconstruction of creatures cards to see hoe much powerfull a Ultra is from a Common.
    Here the link to the discussion with some of my ideas but i'll put the great line here.

    My logic is:
    Every PP (Power Point) can be use to build your creature like this
    +5 maximum Energy cost 2 PP.
    +5 maximum in a discipline cost 1 PP.
    A mugic counter cost 10 PP.
    An element cost 10 pp.
    An Element 5 or Outperform 5 cost 10 PP.
    Abilities depend of their cost, number of use and overhall power.
    Mugic/expend Ability exemple:
    Expensive: 10 PP. Like the original Chaor ability. An ability you will probably never use.
    Normal: 15 PP. Like the original Maxxor. An ability not outstanding, but that has is use.
    Casual: 20 PP. Like Heptadd or Hune paltanin ability. That's what make you whant that creature in your team.
    Retarded: 25 PP. Like Najarin Fluidmorpher's foe or Zamool. This ability is just to powerfull. It can reverse the course of the entire game just by is use.

    And deck restriction and backlash abilites restore PP.
    Loyal give 10 PP.
    Unique give 10 PP.
    Legendary give 20 PP.
    Recklessness 5 give 3 PP.
    Exhaust 5 give 3 PP.

    The result give us Ultra rare creature at their maximum between 120 and 130 PP.
    Super rare between 110 and 100
    Rare 100-95
    Uncommon 95-90
    Common 90-85

    With the gage for rarity countain within a set:
    7% to 10% Ultra
    16% to 23% SR
    22% to 24% Rare
    All others split equally between common and unconmon, like 5% difference.

    -35% or 26% of creatures (that 9% is the one that vary for set to set. The type of card you want to be strong is taken from the base number of creature).
    -30% Attacks (attack is never the boosted type it seems)
    -11% Battlegear (20% when boosted instead of creature)
    -15% Mugic (24% when boosted instead of creature)
    -10% Location (19% when boosted instead of creature)

    So if you do a 100 Card set it should contain:
    35 creatures (Like 7 of each tribe)
    30 Attack card
    11 Battleagear
    15 Mugic (3 by tribe if possible)
    10 Location

    So hope you guys like my math! XD And good card making! Big Grin

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