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    Interactions with Battlegear, Attacks, Locations and Battlegear?

    Alpha Wolves

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    Interactions with Battlegear, Attacks, Locations and Battlegear?

    Post by Alpha Wolves on Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:03 am

    So... I've been hearing rumors that this game might be returning, and the child inside me nearly exploded with glee. So much so, that within the past week, I've been staying up until 1am to 2am each day to search and download Chaotic Card images to work on a Public Google Doc to post all of the cards released within the Chaotic Card Game.... With that, I've gotten a few questions that my younger self didn't comprehend at the time. I know that no one will probably know or even have an official answer, but I thought it would be worth asking anyway:

    1st: Bladez + Kha'Rall Husk Armor.
    - Kha'Rall Husk Armor increases a creature's energy by 50 points while revealed, but with the drawback that whenever the creature is dealt 15 or more damage, the next attack it plays deals 0 damage instead of it's normal value. Does Bladez's ability then deal 15 points of Damage, because of his "If his attacks deal 0 points of damage, deal 15 points of damage" ability?

    2nd: 0 Cost Elemental Attacks cards + "cannot lose Elemental Types" cards.
    - Attacks like Hurlicane, Incinerace, Liquisent Swirl, Mirthquake, ect.. ect.., and abilities like Lake Ken-I-Po, Ritual Site and battlegear like Scarab of Khilai... Do the attacks fizzle with 0 damage dealt? Or does the damage go through, but the element is not lost? This is a question that I'd love to have answered, due to my Overworld and Danian Elemental Decks. If the answer is "Yes Damage" - then 100% win. Otherwise, I don't know.

    That's all the questions for right now.
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    Re: Interactions with Battlegear, Attacks, Locations and Battlegear?

    Post by Chiodosin1 on Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:39 pm

    alrighty here's what you need to know about bladez he is whats known as a replacement ability, you can spot a replacement ability because it tells you to do one thing INSTEAD of doing another (instead being the word to look for) replacement effects don't use the burst and are innate all that happens is right before the one thing would happen the other thing takes over and happens instead. so it doesn't matter why bladez would deal 0 attack damage from husk armour, melody of mirage or just playing a weak attack if at the end of all the damage calculation the attack would do 0, it does 15. the only exception is if the attack is negated, since a negated attack is removed from the burst entirely.

    short answer: bladez+husk armour= 15 damage

    as long as losing the element isn't part of the cost your fine. an example of this is expend, with expend you have to lose whatever element in order to pay the cost of the ability since you can't lose the element you can't pay this cost and can't expend. However these attacks don't require paying the elements as a cost for the damage or the effect. the only requirement is that you have the element, losing the element is part of the effect not the cost. (things that are part of a cost usually go before a colon while effects go after) so ken i po will still let you use mirthquake and keep your earth

    short answer: for the cards you get the effect even if you don't lose the element

    hopefully that's clear enough any more question let me know

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    Re: Interactions with Battlegear, Attacks, Locations and Battlegear?

    Post by hughjk on Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:45 pm

    Not an official or anything but my guess for your 1st question is that it would deal 15 damage. An attack dealing 15 damage triggers Armor's effect, the next attack Bladez throws deals 0 damage, triggering his effect, making the attack deal 15 damage.

    2nd, I think it might be more complicated then a blanket ruling, based on the cards used and different phrasing and interactions. Like the Ritual site says that elements cannot be used to pay for abilities, but an attack like Mirthquake doesn't say that losing Earth is a condition for the 1st effect, just that the creature has Earth when the attack is played.
    Alpha Wolves

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    Re: Interactions with Battlegear, Attacks, Locations and Battlegear?

    Post by Alpha Wolves on Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:44 pm

    Hm... That makes sense. Thanks for the tip guys!
    I'll let you know if I have any other questions. Right now, I'm just working to reimagine my Mipediam Speed of Wind deck, focusing on Midpedium with 190+ Speed, Invisibility: Surprize, Invisibility: Strike ~25+, Invisibility Cant be negated. Big Grin

    Honestly, I just need a way to protect Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art, and I'm golden.

    (Edit) Scratch That... unique rules...

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    Re: Interactions with Battlegear, Attacks, Locations and Battlegear?

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